Bitcoin Exchange Digatrade Shows How Verification Procedures Need To Change

Buying and selling Bitcoin in Canada can be done through a variety of exchange platforms, yet not all of them seem to be as user-friendly as they can – or should – be.  According to a recent post on Reddit, Canadian Bitcoin exchange Digatrade is taking its sweet time for completing the verification process.

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Consumers Want Quick VerificationTheMerkle_Digatrade Bitcoin Exchange

When it comes to verifying one’s identity for either buying or selling Bitcoin, the process shouldn’t take all that long. Most Bitcoin exchanges can offer a verification process that won’t take longer than 24 hours, although some companies are exploring the boundaries of semi-instant processes as well.

But there are certain exceptions to this unwritten rule, as Canadian Bitcoin exchange Digatrade is taking much longer than is generally accepted these days. A post on Reddit describes how one user, in particular, has been waiting three weeks – not days, weeks – to get the verification process completed.

This begs the question as to what could2 be taking so long. Apparently, Digatrade sends a verification code by mail – or in this case; it has been sent twice already – yet never arrived. There doesn’t seem to way to bypass this code through any other means, If such a code doesn’t arrive the first time, nor the second time, consumers will start to get very frustrated.

What makes matters even worse for this Digatrade customer is how all customer support staff is based in Hong Kong, rather than Canada. Due to the time zone difference, there are huge delays in getting support tickets answered, and live communication is pretty much out of the question entirely.

After getting fed up with the situation, the Reddit user signed up with “competitor” Bitcoin exchange QuadrigaCX and got the account verified within the hour. The main difference is how QuadrigaCX offers voice verification by a real person, rather than sending a code via mail that can get lost quite easily.

Digatrade will need to step up their verification process, as well as customer support service if they want to keep attracting new users. These types of delays are not acceptable, and the lack of support will turn novice users away from Bitcoin in general.Competitors have far more appealing verification procedures, so there is no reason to stick to the current mind boggling model.

The diversity of Bitcoin exchanges can be both a good and a bad thing at the same time. Consumers want quick and easy access to platforms to buy and sell Bitcoin, and having to wait for verification codes via mail is not the way to go anymore. WhIle this option offers more security in a way, a personal verification phone call can go a long way to making customers feel more appreciated.

Source: Reddit

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