Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: Everlodge Gains Massive Traction, Dirham Stablecoin Launches on PancakeSwap

The cryptocurrency market continues to expand on its journey to mainstream adoption. Distributed Technologies Resources (DTR) has launched the DRAM stablecoin on Pancakeswap. Meanwhile, experts have given their predictions for Bitcoin Cash as Everlodge’s unique approach to real estate investment gains investors’ attention.

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Dirham Stablecoin, DRAM, Launches on Pancakeswap

Swiss blockchain company Distributed Technologies Resources (DTR) has released a Dirham-backed stablecoin. The token was launched on October 3, 2023, under the ticker DRAM. Akshay Naheta, the founder of DRT said they’ve been working on this product in secret for the past 10 months. 

The token is listed on the popular decentralized exchange (DEX), PancakeSwap (CAKE). DRAM, like many stablecoins before it, operates on the ERC-20 token standard. PancakeSwap users will benefit from an extra stablecoin.

Despite its poor start to the year, experts are bullish about the PancakeSwap coin, CAKE. According to CoinScore.AI, the price of PancakeSwap could reach $15 in the next bull market. This bull market is predicted to begin between Q4 of 2023 and 2024.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Predictions

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) gained popularity in 2017, rising to an all-time high in December 2017. Although the price of Bitcoin Cash has been on a decline since then, 2023 brought renewed bullish momentum. 

From $95, the Bitcoin Cash price rallied to $310 in July. However, it has declined back to $230 in October. The BCH price is now up by 140% year-to-date, making it one of the best-performing top 100 cryptos in 2023.

In addition, cryptocurrency experts predict even bigger gains for Bitcoin Cash. Many crypto experts have predicted a rally to $350 for BCH this year. CoinNews is more bullish, predicting that Bitcoin Cash could max out at $250 by the end of 2023. 

Everlodge Gains Massive Traction 

Alongside PancakeSwap, a new project, Everlodge (ELDG) has been growing in popularity over the last few months. Everlodge is a property marketplace that wants to give everyone the chance to invest in hotels, vacation homes, and luxury villas

On this property marketplace, investors will be able to own a fraction of these properties for only $100. To achieve this, Everlodge combines blockchain with timeshare and NFT technology. The NFTs on the platform represent real-world properties, with their value mirroring that of the estate. 

Investors within this ecosystem enjoy various benefits. Some of these include discounts and benefits like complimentary stays at properties and free vacations. Everlodge will also partner with well-known hotel chains and luxury property developers to expand its ecosystem.

Everlodge is an exciting concept that has garnered a lot of interest because it reduces the barrier of entry into real estate investment. The utility token of the project, ELDG, currently in stage 6 trades at $0.023 apiece. As the platform grows, crypto experts have predicted a rally to $0.5 for ELDG.

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