Bitcoin Book Gets Translated To Russian And Is Available Free of Charge

Books are a great way to spread the word on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Albeit most people may never pick up the more technical books in circulation, there is a lot of great educational material out there. One book, called “The People’s Money – Bitcoin,” has now been translated into Russian. An interesting decision, albeit the country has been warming up to cryptocurrency as of late.

Localized Translations of Bitcoin Books Are Valuable

To some people, it may seem odd to translate books about Bitcoin into different languages. Particularly Russian may not seem like a logical choice, considering the country appears to flip-flop about either embracing or banning cryptocurrency altogether. Then again, these types of efforts will help boost Bitcoin adoption in the long run.

The People’s Money – Bitcoin is a book most people will have never heard of. That is not entirely unusual, as there are quite a few different offerings out there. The book was written by Adam Tepper, a founding partner of Independent Reserve. The book is completely free, and can be downloaded on the website both in English and Russian.

Explaining Bitcoin and its inner workings have proven to be quite difficult for a lot of people. Without getting into very technical terminology, it is hard to grasp the concept of cryptocurrency. Moreover, conveying the message as to why this concept is so important seems to be the most difficult part altogether.

One thing Bitcoin enthusiasts will often hear is how the ecosystem is not very welcoming to novice users. In a way, that is entirely true. Most conferences and events are not only overpriced, but they also target developers, or companies active in the Bitcoin space already. Meetups fill the gap for novice users, but a fair few of those do not gain much traction either.

Locally translated books are a great tool to spread the word on Bitcoin and its underlying technology. Especially when these books are free to download, albeit there is nothing better than holding a physical copy of these texts. Users can also purchase a paper version of the book on the Independent Reserve website. It will be interesting to see how Russian cryptocurrency enthusiasts react to this offering.

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