Bitcoin: Another Correction Stage is Over

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex

The digital currency is actively recovering after a deep correction. For bulls, it was important to make the price rebound from the support area at $42,500. A lot of investors are scared by such high volatility of the cryptoasset, even hedge funds are pretty sure that the number of institutional investors, who are ready to invest in BTC, will significantly increase after these fluctuations slow down.

Citibank experts believe that there comes a crucial moment for Bitcoin and the digital asset may either become a global payment method or end up with another speculative blowout. JPMorgan specialists are very active in recommending their clients to hedge from other types of markets, such as stocks and precious metals, and invest up to 1% of their investment portfolios in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


In the daily chart, BTC/USD has once again rebounded from the area between Moving Averages and that’s still an indication of a bullish impulse. The previous movement from such an area resulted in further growth of the asset by more than $29,000. Possibly, this scenario may repeat this time as well and BTC may reach $72,000-75,000. Another signal in favor of this idea is another rebound from the support line at the RSI. However, the bullish scenario may no longer be valid if the instrument breaks the rising channel’’ downside border and fixes below $42,950. After that, the price may move downwards with the target at $29,135.

The current asset growth can’t even be stopped by growing criticism of the primary cryptocurrency. Bill Gates is sure that the performance of transactions in the Bitcoin network is extremely power-consuming if compared with conventional transfers, and that causes a lot of harm to nature in the long run. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who is called Indian Warrant Buffett, appealed for regulating authorities to ban BTC in India and said that the asset was just a speculation of the highest order.

Many investors think that the current aggressive growth of Bitcoin is just a temporary phenomenon caused by heightening interest among major investors. As far back as a year ago, Ray Dalio said that with cryptocurrencies moving higher and being accepted everywhere, these assets may face aggressive criticism as well as an eventual ban by authorities. This is exactly what we are witnessing right now.


As we can see in the H4 chart, BTC/USD has broken the descending channel to the upside and may continue trading upwards to reach $65,000. However, one shouldn’t exclude that the pair may resume growing only after returning to the broken border. A strong signal in favor of a further uptrend will be a rebound from the support line at the RSI.


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