BIRDCHAIN: Your Data, Your Rules, Your Rewards


  • Decentralized app to facilitate universal basic income for the crowd
  • Earn money just by having an Android phone
  • Over 2 billion active Android devices worldwide
  • Earn up to 150 USD by allowing monetization of your unused SMS
  • Easy to make passive income: download the dapp and allow access to SMS sending
  • Earn even more by watching video content, winning in-app mini-games or participating in surveys
  • Promotes mass-adoption of cryptocurrency through an easy and intuitive process
  • Led by the founders of VertexSMS, an A2P SMS aggregation business, trusted by Western Union, SalesForce and TransferGo
  • Birdchain creates transparency by getting rid of middlemen exploiting the market with unfair pricing
  • A2P SMS market in 2017 estimated to be worth $63 billion
  • Pre-ICO successfully completed, funds used for MVP and marketing of ICO

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Birdchain is a decentralized app (dapp) that will bring masses to crypto universe by creating universal basic income for Android users. This will be achieved by allowing regular people to earn cryptocurrency on their phone. All that is needed is to download the Birdchain dapp.

Although the idea is quite straightforward, successful implementation will further revolutionize the crypto space, bringing in waves of mass-adoption of blockchain technology.


Birdchain seeks to capitalize on the global market of more than 2 billion active Android devices. Whether person have postpaid or prepaid plans, they most likely have unused SMS messages at the end of the billing cycle.

The team estimates that Birdchain dapp user could earn up to 150 USD per month by simply allowing to sell their unused SMS via the Birdchain app. If this isn’t exciting enough, the Dapp will have more ways to earn by participating in surveys, watching video content, and winning at in-app mini-games.

This super easy, intuitive, and sensible approach was designed to promote mass-adoption. Today most ICOs pitch grand ideas about the better future, but in reality, people need simple solutions. Easy-to-understand, ergonomic and convenient solutions are the reason why Apple emerged and has become multi-trillion global business. Birdchain is, in a similar fashion, following the lesson of simplicity.

Not only will the Birdchain project be a successful venture in itself, allowing people to effortlessly earn monthly passive income will attract outsiders to the crypto universe. The influx of new people means an influx of new funds, the growth of the market, which will serve to develop of other blockchain-based products and expand the reach of the crypto-currency market.

History and Objectives of Birdchain

Although mass-adoption of crypto is a very appealing outcome of Birdchain, it was not their intention from the very beginning. It all started with the A2P SMS aggregation business they already successfully run – VertexSMS. In almost 10 years of operation, they delivered 2.6 billion text messages and they were (and still are) trusted by companies like Western Union, SalesForce, and TransferGo.

Through the years the team learned the market in and out, and in the end got fed up with corruption and unfairness within it. For example, the operators increase the price every year and decrease speed and the overall quality of SMS delivery. And then there are competitors who deliver messages only to a fraction of contacts and invoices clients in full. Furthermore there are middlemen that exploit the market and increase the price of single A2P SMS even more.

The lack of transparency, huge maintenance costs, and the middlemen got the guys from VertexSMS thinking how they can avoid all of these drawbacks. And their solution was sending these messages through the phones of regular people. That would solve the problems of unnecessary middlemen and unfair pricing.

Fiat transfers would cost too much to develop a sustainable business. Fortunately Blockchain and crypto offer relatively quick and cheap transfer to Birdchain app users. As it turned out, the blockchain technology was exactly what the Vertex team was looking for, a ‘simple’ solution to the lack of transparency in the industry.

As the Vertex team developed the project, many other ideas arose in order to help people earn more money. Interestingly, those ideas came from other companies that belong to the parent company Vertex. Specifically, their social network with 1 million unique users and the first in the region rent2buy service.

Demand for BIRD tokens

As the idea of Birdchain was born to solve real-life business problems, BIRD tokens were designed to be the mechanism by which that objective is accomplished. In order to access the amazing features of the Birdchain project, companies, merchants and users will have to buy BIRD tokens from exchanges.

This means that there always will be a demand for the token, and an inherit valuation with room for growth as Birdchain aims at very big markets. It will start with the A2P SMS market which in 2017 was estimated to be worth $63 billion and expand from there. For example, the mobile games market was worth $46 billion in the last year. Capturing even a fraction of these markets would result in huge earnings for the Birdchain app users.

BIRD token runs on Ethereum’s blockchain and conforms to the ERC-20 token standard. The maximum supply is 580,263,158 tokens and during ICO Birdchain will distribute 441,000,000 tokens. The hard cap of the ICO a very reasonable 10,500 Ether.

The Birdchain team recently successfully completed their pre-ICO. The team will use the funds for further MVP development and marketing of the main ICO event. The date of the ICO is not yet announced as the team evaluates the market conditions and will inform investors about the date on their website: The BIRD token will begin listing on exchanges roughly four weeks after the end of the ICO.