Binance Backs Controversial Steem Fork Despite Earlier Promises

The ongoing drama involving the Steem project is seemingly not coming to an end just yet. Binance’s involvement in this entire matter is also raising a lot of eyebrows, and may hurt the company’s reputation in the long run.

It is evident that Steem underwent yet another hard fork.

Binance Gets its Share of Steem Controversy

This has become somewhat of a trend ever since its community split into two camps.

One group of members already switched to Hive, but that isn’t the end of the drama.

Instead, it appears that the latest fork would seize over $5 million in user funds.

Those funds belong to people who have been very outspoken about Justin Sun taking over this blockchain project. 

This latest fork was initially expected to be blocked by Binance.

The exchange claimed how it opposed the network upgrade.

For some unknown reason, the company did a complete 180 and will now support this controversial development regardless. 

According to Binance, not upgrading to the new fork would negatively affect its customers holding Steem tokens.

This “hypocritical” move by the popular exchange does not sit well with a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

While it may not trigger a decrease in platform users, it is another example of why centralized exchanges need to be avoided as much as possible.