Beware of The Latest Phishing Attack

It appears as if there is yet another phishing email being sent out to users. It is not the first time this takes place in the Bitcoin world, as cryptocurrency owners are a high-profile target for internet criminals these days. The email in question redirects people to, which is clearly a fake website.

Do Not Fall For The Latest Scam Site

A lot of people use web wallets these days, despite there being a lot of reasons not to. is one of the most popular solutions in this regard, and many people have registered an account with them at some point during their Bitcoin career. This also makes them a big target for Internet criminals who are looking to steal users’ funds.

A new phishing email claiming to originate from is making the rounds as we speak. In the message, users are asked to click on a link where they can download a “wallet backup file”. Interestingly enough, this is not something the real would ever send out, as users can get a backup from just logging into the web portal.

Moreover, the users are not redirected to the legitimate site either. When clicking the link, the domain will become visible. Albeit this is only marginally different from, it is always advised to look at the site address first before clicking an unknown link.

What is rather intriguing to note is how hovering over the email link shows the original domain. This is not uncommon in the world of phishing, as internet criminals have a whole bag of tricks to lure in users. However, the emails originate from [email protected], which is a dead giveaway of this being a scam.

Emails like these are usually nothing more than a major annoyance for Bitcoin users, though. It is becoming easier to discern the fake emails from legitimate ones. Plus, using common sense will go a long way as well. Companies would never redirect users to a website to download a backup file.

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