Betkurus gets $670k investment to aid future updates

Betkurus has only been around for a few months, but since its launch in October 2014, it has already managed to make an impact on the cryptocurrency market. The website is special in the Bitcoin world because it joins only a few licensed platforms, thus making exchanges from Bitcoin to fiat and vice versa much easier, while also improving the gambling market.

Recently, the firm has announced that bitcoin-to-fiat deposits are now possible on the website, thanks to the investment from CoinMatrix, a company based in Hong Kong. The thinking behind their investment stems from the fact that this company wants to end up with a large share of the market, which is currently worth $320 million, while also having an important influence on the exchange market.

By using the platform provided by CoinMatrix, users can change their bitcoin into US dollars and various other fiat currencies. The process can take place automatically, and this allows for easy maintenance of account balances. Customers also have the chance to bet in whichever currency they choose.

Betkurus has become a leader in the global bitcoin market, and has made its mark as the first Bitcoin operator to make this particular feature available to its users, as no other operator has managed to do something like this until now. This has also created an interesting trend on the gambling market, as it seems like more companies are beginning to consider the ideas put into play by Betkurus. Players can make their deposits using bitcoin, yet play in their local currency. Since cryptocurrency is not accepted by many players, it can often be difficult for those who like betting using their own currency. The new deposit feature that has been introduced made this a breeze, as users will simply not encounter any issues related to currency and exchanging once they start betting.

More than 20,000 events take place on the Betkurus website each month. Apart from a wide variety of sports events, players can also bet on casino games such as Poker, Roulette and Blackjack.

Currencies like Bitcoin are in the process of changing the gambling and gaming industries. Jon Matonis, ex-director of Bitcoin Foundation, declared that he believes the top gaming companies won’t allow anything other than Bitcoin in the next five or so years, which makes sense, given the great value difference between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Following the recent investment from CoinMatrix in DigitalSport Entertainment, Betkurus has been able to provide a truly revolutionary feature to many keen gamblers. By improving the financial aspect of cryptocurrency gambling, chances are that the firm will evolve quite a lot in the next couple of months, as the investment that has been received will also be used in order to introduce many other features. While bitcoin gambling still isn’t incredibly popular, moves like this will surely improve the popularity of bitcoin-based gambling sites.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, have you ever tried gambling on Betkurus? If yes, how was your experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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