BDMiner24 Review

Cloud mining services are plentiful in the world of Bitcoin and altcoins, but the number of legitimate services is limited to a handful. BDMiner24 is a Russian cloud mining service for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, although they look far from legitimate. Maybe that is because they have zero proof of mining hardware, or their lack of transparency, or perhaps it is their ridiculously fast ROI rate.

Opening the BDMiner24 website shows a very dull cloud mining template, as all users will see are two colors and a big Bitcoin logo. While none of the Bitcoin cloud mining services is scoring brownie points for original design these days, this company has clearly put in next to no effort.

But what cloud mining is all about is achieving that magic return on investment as soon as possible. Based on the information found in the BDMiner24 FAQ, it should take three to four months to earn your investment back, after which users will start making a profit. This is not viable under any market circumstances, and it does not grant any legitimacy to this cloud mining platform

Similar to some other cloud mining companies offering to mine Bitcoin or altcoins, users will receive a bonus of some Dogecoin when signing up. Keeping in mind how one DOGE is worth next to nothing, these bonuses will not amount to much either, although they might attract unsuspecting investors who will end up losing their money.

What is even more annoying is how users can not see the price plans offered by BDMiner24 until they register an account. This type of information is vital to get users to sign up to cloud mining in the first place, and not having the price plans visible on the site makes this website even less legiitmate.

Unfortunately, BDMiner24 is another cloud mining company unable to back up their claims regarding mining power or hardware being used to pay out users. In fact, there is no indication as to whether BDMiner24 purchases hardware from manufacturers or rents hashpower from other miners.

While there is no company information to be found on the website , the WHOIS records reveal some information as to who owns the domain name. Keeping in mind how this person uses a free mailbox, it seems highly unlikely BDMiner24 is a legitimate company.


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