BC Diploma Starts Innovative Platform for Blockchain Data Certification

Diploma fraud is one of the biggest concerns in the world of education today. There are fraudulent universities and other online organizations that are involved in the fake diploma network and this creates a headache for diploma certification and sorting out bogus ones from the real ones. Many stakeholders in the educational world are also directly involved in solving the verification crisis because educational institutions have also become a brand and no educational institution wants to corrupt its name with fake degree holders!

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Despite the common goal of this movement, certifying diplomas and degrees remains a thorny issue for the Human Resource personnel of any company or entity. They need a reliable and straightforward way to verify degrees and other crucial information that is less time consuming, because verifying each application may take a lot of time while hiring the right candidate for the job post. BCDiploma is a new one-stop shop for verification of diplomas and other certifications that is based on Ethereum blockchain, which aims to make the process easy and efficient for all.

Instead of using the outdated hash technology for the verification of diplomas, the BCDiploma uses an Ethereum-based solution that allows it to store the certification or diploma data directly into the Ethereum blockchain. The School’s identity is verified using a specially designed Decentralized Autonomous Application (DApp). Since the Ethereum blockchain is written forever, any user or industry is guaranteed a lasting record of their data without any infringement possible from any cyber attacks or other malicious sources.

Any person, entity, educational institution and organization can use BCDiploma’s authentication service. There is a fixed cost for each certification, and there are no subscription or other redundant fees at all. Anyone who wishes to consult the diploma will be able to do it for free. There is also no Ethereum address required for that purpose. A source from within the company stated:

“BCDiploma aims to create the standard for on-chain registers of tomorrow: cost-effective, easy-to-implement, Ethereum-based and open source framework.”

The European General Data Protection Regulation body has already laid down general rules and regulations for personal data protection and the new BCDiploma has already complied to these regulations before their enforcement date of 25th May, 2018.

Not Just Degree Certification

The diploma certification is certainly not the only data verification genre which the new company aims to excel in. It is a milestone on which the company aims to build its future success that involves certification and verification of all kinds of data including professional registers, administrative data, etc. The platform is populated by BCDT token and the token is the sole source of payment on the platform. Anyone can get their certification verified on this platform through BCD smart contracts mentioned above.

BCD Token Generation Event (BCD TGE)

The pre-sale of the BCD Token is already live and will continue till January 18th, 2018 with a 20% bonus being applicable. The token sale round 1 will start later in January followed by token sale round 2 which will continue till February. The tokens will be made transferable till the end of February according to BCD’s plans.
Visit the BCDiploma Website –  https://www.bcdiploma.com