BANKEX – On a Path to Help Companies Participate in Initial Smart Asset Offerings

It’s not a secret that all businesses (NPOs aside) aim at increasing their profitability, in order to do so, companies often seek investments. The best investments are  fast, secure and result in good profits at the end. This natural goal is burdened by an immense amount.

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of transactions with various assets all around the world.  Faster transactions increase turnover, decrease operational costs and thus result in higher profits.

Today there’s a lot of hype around Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), a new form of crowdfunding that enables companies to issue their own cryptocurrency that can be sold and traded, and in turn help a project or company  raise the necessary capital to streamline their projects and scale faster. Moreover, investors are able to add to their portfolios and get into the market of financing new ventures very early in their lifecycle. It pays off. Without a shadow of a doubt, coins have earned their deserved fame among tech startups. The traditional, brick and mortar business sector is faced with the risk of falling behind.   

Here is how an Initial Smart Asset Offering works

Initial Smart Asset Offering (ISAO) is a new way to raise capital for the traditional brick and mortar business sector by tokenizing real assets (transforming them into digital form and placing them on the blockchain). PoA protocol, in turn, is a technology that unites Bank-as-a-Service, blockchain technologies and fintech.

In more detail, ISAO is the initial offering of a Smart Asset, an asset that is already tokenized. This tokenized asset is in turn made available for purchase to possible investors in the BANKEX ecosystem.

It is important to point out that neither tech startups nor RnDs can participate in ISAOs.

BANKEX provides technical support in deploying ISAOs at every stage, from the initiation of an assets tokenization by an originator to closing the deal with a supplier (investor). Decentralization of this process on the blockchain brings transparency, speed and reliability.

What the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset protocol is and what role does it play in Initial Smart Asset Offerings

Take a quick look at the BANKEX PoA protocol and we will immediately realize the benefits of this innovative financial instrument.

To be eligible for tokenization, an asset must have the capacity to generate cash flow, apart from this, there are no other limits that prevent a chosen asset from being tokenized. This is very appealing to investors.

The process goes through 4 stages.

Using PoA protocol, Bankex helps companies run their ISAOs successfully, bringing value into the real world and investors – to get into a business venture early on, track their portfolio profitability and multiply their income.

Moreover, BANKEX keeps its eyes open for the rapid changes within their environment. During a recent 36 hour hackathon “ETHWaterloo” – the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon, the BankEx team had the opportunity to work alongside Ethereum founders and was successful in developing a “Plasma”- like protocol which was mentioned by Vitalik Buterin Founder of Ethereum himself. BankEx has made an attempt to demonstrate implementation of Plasma protocol for a supervised blockchain where each transaction is not a money send/receive, but an indivisible asset ownership transfer.

BANKEX has successfully initiated dialogue amongst the members of the crypto community, and now their ICO date has been set – November 28th 2017, don’t miss out.

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