B2BX Raises EUR 5 Million During Ongoing Pre-Sale

Bitcoin Press Release: The first cryptocurrency exchange-aggregator B2Bx has reached the soft cup of 5 million during the first week of its crowdfunding campaign.

The B2Bx ICO started on October 2nd and will last until November 17th. The minimum cap of 5 million was achieved in the first six days. B2Bx will continue to give bonuses to contributors in the next two weeks. Bonuses will be 10% in the second week and 5% from October 18th to October 25th.

Artur Azizov, the CEO of the project is pleased with the current results: “We are glad to see the support that crypto community gives to our project. Today when there are more than 800 projects per week entering the market the result we achieved displays how high the assessment investors give to us.”

B2Bx project was founded by B2Broker company, a participant of the fintech market for over 3 years. The biggest part of funds will be spent on developing the software. B2Bx’s product already has a working version which gives anyone an opportunity to evaluate its prospects in practice. The company will be mainly focused on corporate investors which is the main distinctive feature.

Token Details

The B2BX tokens are native to the B2BX ecosystem. Built over Ethereum protocol, these ERC20 compatible tokens serve as a medium of value exchange. The platform has set a maximum token cap of 40 million B2BX tokens, of which 40,000,000 are made available to the crowdsale participants.

The B2BX tokens can be purchased against BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, DASH, and XMR. Priced at EUR 0.63 per token, the platform will be offering early bird discounts during the first three weeks of the crowdsale. Participants in the crowdsale have to purchase a minimum of 10 tokens, with no maximum limit.

About B2BX

B2BX is an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for marginal trading, trading with physical delivery and distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. It plans to establish the first official B2B cryptocurrency exchange-aggregator or marketplace, connecting at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and Stockbrokers, and give them the opportunity to provide their clients with the trading in cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about B2BX at – https://www.b2bx.pro

Access the B2BX Whitepaper at – https://www.b2bx.pro/docs/b2bx_white_paper-en.pdf

Find B2BX on Bitcointalk at – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2149935
Follow B2BX on YouTube at – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4KhGwIE_hoteTMqNjarBVw

Media Contact
Contact Name: Alexander Karelin

Contact Email: [email protected]

Location: Moscow, Russia

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