Australian Charities Can Soon Accept Contactless Donations

Making a donation to a good cause can be quite cumbersome in the real world. Most of these options hinge on using cash, which is rather annoying to deal with. Thanks to Quest Payment Services Pty Ltd, there is now a contactless donation option. Their Donation Point Tap is tailored towards charities looking to explore new payment options to increase their financial contributions.

Contactless Charitable Donations Are A Thing Now

Not for profit organizations are not exactly struggling to collect donations, but it is always good to keep all options on the table. Contactless payments are slowly becoming the new trend in Australia, and Quest Payment Services wants to bridge the gap between the two. With their Donation Point Tap, it is now possible to make contactless charitable donations at select retailers.

Quest Chief Executive Jan Mason told the media:

“We are very excited about the arrival of Donation Point Tap, which was developed to help charities address a decline in their cash-based donation revenues. By offering a solution that makes donating possible for everyday consumers using contactless payments, we’re helping charities to turn this around.”

Although charitable organizations are still quite well, they are struggling with the inability of accepting financial contributions directly. Instead of relying on third-party service providers or volunteers collecting money, a more direct approach can increase the amount of funds raised to help those in need.

Whether or not Donation Point Tap will be the answer to this problem remains to be seen, though. Contactless payments are somewhat popular in Australia, but that does not automatically mean that people will contribute more money to charitable causes. Then again, the only way to find out how useful this solution can be is by experimenting with it.

That said, it is possible for charities to brand the contactless payment terminals with their logo to attract more attention. The concept sounds more appealing than putting a jar or collection box on the counter somewhere and is bound to receive more attention. Charities are also able to configure donation amounts automatically, whereas users can then donate the predetermined amount by tapping their device to the terminal.

On the payment front, the collected funds will be transferred to the charity’s bank account every business day. The organizations will also receive thorough reports, providing them with valuable insights. This idea may be the foundation for transforming fundraising, but there is still a long way to go before that becomes a reality.

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