Austrailia receives $25.4 Million to Help Fight Dark Net Firearms Trade

The Australian federal government announced that they will be using the $25.4-million-dollar funding boost to combat the illegal firearms problem.

“We know that modern technologies such as the dark web are enabling organized criminals to expand their reach globally and exert significant influence over Australia’s black market, including drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion and firearms offences,” Minister for Justice Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter Terrorism, Michael Keenan said.

They plan to utilize special software, intelligence tools that will be aimed at the collection of international firearms trafficking information.

“To tackle this ongoing threat, the AFP-led National Forensics Rapid Lab(NFRL) is already targeting the violent predators who profit from the miser of these evil trades, removing illicit drugs from our streets and thwarting identity fraud,” Keenan further added.

The software will allow the Australian Federal Government to search, analyze and map intelligence data to identify previously unknown links between firearms traffickers and their suppliers, customers and illegal activities on the dakweb.

Since established in 2013, Keenan said that the NFRL found more than 10,000 packages containing almost two tons of illicit narcotics and more than 140 new psychoactive substances that have been identified as drugs which would have been undetectable using traditional methods.

“Now through the Coalition Government’s investment the NFRL will be expanded to crack down on the illegal firearms market, particularly through the international mail system. The Coalition boosted funding in our law enforcement and security agencies with an extra $2.5 billion investment, including $88 million in the Australian Border Force to boost screenings and examination of international mail, air and sea cargo, and we have strengthened laws to crack down on those seeking to import guns into Australia,” Keenan added.

The new software tools are going to be used in the hopes of furthering intelligence gathering and collection of information on international firearms traffickers and allow the AFP to search better, and make out data to find links between traffickers and suppliers, as well as customers.

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