Astronaut – A Platform Meant to Transform ICOs Into Simpler Investments

On a dynamic market, filled with initial coin offerings, managing all of your investments can be quite difficult. Astronaut, a Singapore-based platform wishes to place all of your ICO investments on auto-pilot through a streamlined platform which can be used to both research and invest into a multitude of ICOs.

A few days ago, the independent blockchain research company known as Astronaut has launched its Initial Coin Offering, needed to raise money for powering up their ICO investment platform. Once it is launched, the service will offer research-backed investments, transparency, but also protection in this investment landscape. Therefore, by using Astronaut, investors will save a lot of time, find better ways of investing their capital, and better avoid fraudulent investment opportunities with false promises.

How Astronaut will fulfill its promise

Most of the times, the backbone of initial coin offerings consists of their whitepaper. Many times over, the whitepaper represents the only source of information about a company and their investment opportunities that people get to see. By using its Picolo Research team, Astronaut will provide the world with clear, accurate information, rather than promotional extracts from whitepapers.

In a recent press statement, Matthew Dibb, the CEO of Astronaut mentioned that: “Our view is that organizations such as Picolo Research and Astronaut need to be established to critique the merits of upcoming ICOs to ensure that the blockchain ecosystem is not tainted by those who are taking advantage of it for personal financial gain.”

Some of the other main benefits of the platform, include, but are not limited to minimizing risks, allowing clients to read through numerous, well-researched ICOs, simplifying the investment process, reducing the level of difficulty for novice investors, and more.

By using the Astronaut platform, investors can sleep better at night, as they will know that their ICO investments have not been designed to be fraudulent, but also that they are trustworthy and transparent.

Currently, the Astronaut ICO is open for investors. Those who are interested can access it here.

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