Are the KICK Tokens Part of a Data Harvesting Ploy?

A lot of Ethereum users have tokens they hardly ever look at. Most of these offerings are random airdrops, yet the KICK tokens are suddenly rising in value.

So much even that some people’s holdings have surpassed $200.

The KICK Token Mystery

As no one knows what this token is about or what to do with it, liquidating them makes the most sense.

That is, unfortunately, not as easy as one may think.

Some users on Reddit speculate how these tokens are distributed to collect KYC data.

The KICK token cannot be traded on too many exchanges at the moment.

One such platform is an exchange native to the overarching project.

By giving users these tokens, they may be trying to get people to sign up and verify their identities.

That data can then be sold to the highest bidder, creating an unsavory situation. 

It does appear these KICK tokens can be moved to KuCoin as well, which is a more reputable exchange.

Even so, not everyone has these tokens or will be looking to liquidate them accordingly. 

It is one of those incidents that suddenly sparks a lot of buzz for no real reason.

In a a week or two from now, most people will have forgotten about these airdropped tokens again.