Apple Needs To Remove Bitcoin Hive Wallet From App Store

The Bitcoin ecosystem is filled with a multitude of wallet solutions, regardless of which type of device one prefers to use. Especially in the mobile department, there seems to be a lot of competition going on to bring over as many consumers as possible to the world of Bitcoin. However, not all of these solutions are viable options, even though they might still be listed in the App Store. Hive Wallet, a once popular Bitcoin wallet, has not been maintained for over a year now.

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Do Not Download Hive Wallet For iOSTheMerkle_End of the line

Novice Bitcoin users on iOS do not have that many bitcoin wallet solutions at their disposal for the time being. This might come as quite a surprise, considering the ioS ecosystem is much easier regarding development, compared to Android. However, most consumers use an Android device, so it makes sense for developers and engineers to focus their attention on that market first.

However, iOS users have to be careful as to which Bitcoin wallet they download. The two most obvious options are Hive Wallet and Breadwallet, both of which have received pretty good reviews so far. Unfortunately, the Hive Wallet Bitcoin wallet project is no longer being maintained by the developer, as it was abandoned over a year ago.

Despite all of that, the software can still be downloaded from the App Store, which is causing a fair bit of confusion and controversy among Bitcoin community projects. A project that is no longer actively maintained should have been removed some time ago, yet for some reason, Hive Wallet can still be downloaded. Users who were to install this Bitcoin wallet software are at risk of losing their coins, which is not something anyone is looking forward to.

Lack of Funding Was Hive Wallet’s DownfallTheMerkle_Hive Wallet Bitcoin

Similar to how most hobby projects turn out for developers, funding can throw a monkey wrench into any future plans. In the case of Hive Wallet, the funding simply dried up after a while, and it was no longer financially viable to support the project any longer. Earlier this year, Hive Wallet founder Wendell Davis stated how operating capital was gone, and no one had maintained the project’s source code for over a year.

It is rather unfortunate to hear stories like these, but it’s even more disconcerting to see Hive Wallet still listed in the Apple App Store. Surely someone has contacted Apple Support by now to let them know this project is no longer being maintained? Either way, iOS Bitcoin users are advised to look for alternatives, and Breadwallet seems to be a fan favorite for the time being.

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