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Apple Leads the Brand Pack Once Again in a Global Survey

According to the latest rankings, Apple is yet again the most valuable brand in the world. Interbrand is the branding consultancy responsible for releasing the list entitled, “Best Global Brands of 2016,” on which Apple is at the top, again.

The report stated:

Interbrand calculates that the brand’s value has increased by 5 percent since last year. Google, in second place, has grown by 11 percent. (Google and Apple have been  the top 2 for the last four years.) Coca-Cola is third and Microsoft is fourth. These are followed by Toyota, IBM, Samsung, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, and GE.

How does Interbrand come to its findings? They take into consideration the financial performance of each brand’s products or services, how the brand draws in consumers, and how much money the brands have made and are currently making.

How is it, exactly, that Apple is worth more, brand wise, than any other product and service in the entire world? Apple has seen a steady expanse across the world, but not as much as it has seen in the past. They pulled it off yet again, as the competition is left feeling unsatisfied and beaten. We’re not just talking other technology giants, but every other brand in the world. Every single other brand has come behind Apple for the second year in a row.

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Second to Apple is of course Google, Samsung, and fourth is Amazon.

According to charts, Apple is worth $145,918,000 this year. Last year Apples recorded value was at $128,303,000. Apple is also ranked first in the Tech 100, and the U.S. 100. The same rankings were given to Apple last years as well. That’s not to say Apple has been a stranger to the top before 2015. In 2014 Apple was number one in the Global 500 as well, and also first in The Brand Finance US 500. The same in 2013, and 2012.

In 2008 the ranked eighth overall. However, after 08’ they fell to 27th in 2010, and 2009; which was a drop from 2008, in which they were ranked 24th. Apple also placed 44th in 2007s Global 250 survey.

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