Apple Doesn’t Care About Your Petition for a Bitcoin Emoji

Bringing bitcoin to the masses can be done in many different ways. A new petition aims to create a bitcoin emoji for Apple’s iOS keyboard.

It is certainly true that bitcoin has changed the world as people know it.

Apple Probably Won’t Make a Bitcoin Emoji

Albeit not everyone sees merit in this form of money, the word about it needs to be spread accordingly. 

Rather than typing out the full word, emojis can be of great interest in this regard.

Unfortunately, not all operating systems have access to bitcoin-related emojis at this time.

Considering how Apple is one of the biggest technology companies, it would make sense for them to provide such a solution.

However, the company has not indicated it will explore such an option.

The petition may help change that narrative a bit.

Although petitions like these are hardly ever successful, it never hurts to try.

Considering how the bitcoin symbol exists on keyboards, an emoji is the next logical step.

The petition only needs 100 signatures to be deemed successful.

So far, it has just over half, albeit that will come to change in the future. 

Even then, it seems incredibly unlikely that Apple will accommodate this demand.

The technology company has never been too keen on cryptocurrencies, let alone endorsing it in any way.