ANX Ventures Into The Cryptocurrency Advisory World

By the look of things, ANX is trying to make a serious marketing push since a few days. Various posts are popping up regarding their debit card service, but it appears they have added advisory services to their portfolio as well. Quite an exciting development, so let’s see what consulting services the company has to offer.

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Improving A Business With Cryptocurrency

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Although most people will agree cryptocurrency can make a significant impact in just about any business these days, it is not as easy to integrate. This is where ANX wants to come into the picture with their advisory services, which all revolve around blockchain and cryptocurrency integration,

Avoiding the risks associated with these new technologies is of the utmost importance, as it would not be wise to make wrong business decisions. ANX has a technology advisory service dedicated to doing exactly that, and they place a large focus on regulation and policy in general as well.

But there is more to this company than just that, as they seem open to helping businesses develop their cryptocurrency solution. At this time, it is unclear as to whether or not this means they will help companies create their digital currency in the future, as it might just relate to working on integrating cryptocurrency payment solutions as well.

Regulatory compliance and cryptocurrency do not always go hand-in-hand these days, but ANX is advising on these types of services as well. According to their page, they will facilitate engagements with law firms to ensure regulatory compliance can be achieved. Interested partners can obtain either the white label or customized solution in this regard as every enterprise has their needs and requirements.

All in all, it appears ANX has their ducks in a row in the advisory services segment, although that is hard to judge until someone partners with them and publicly posts some feedback. However, it is positive to see companies in the cryptocurrency world branch out to do more than just their own thing.

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