ANX International to Launch Free Multipurpose Blockchain Platform

Hong Kong-based blockchain developer ANX International is 13 hour away from launching its all-encompassing blockchain services platform. ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) is designed to give any individuals/business the ability to launch their own digital assets like private tokens, loyalty points and coupons, at no cost.

Chief executive officer of ANX International, Ken Lo, told Bloomberg that the platform has been in development for the last years, adding that some of ANX’s corporate clients have already used the platform for their own specialized needs. While ANX has been catering to companies and business looking for blockchain-based solutions, Lo is hopeful the platform will also be used by individuals as well:

“We’re helping the general public get access to blockchain by lowering the barriers to using the technology.”

The 100-employee ANX was established in 2013 by Lo and two other co-founders. The Hong Kong firm’s revenue comes mainly from corporate consulting services relating to blockchains and distributed ledgers.

However, the complex nature and costly IT infrastructure necessary for making use of the technology has hindered the proliferation of the blockchain in most industries outside of the financial sector. Lo believes that the ABS platform will solve these issues, “Once you drive the price down to zero, then you’ll see a lot more uses for it,” he said.

On the launch page, ANX states that the ABS platform is a “100% service at no cost” and that it can support various custom functions such as API calls, payment gateways and other merchant applications.


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