Answer questions to earn bitcoins with Bitfortip

In the era where the Internet has taken over the world, most of us find answers to our questions on search engines. However, there are certain inquiries that Google may not be able to find the answer to, so this is why sites like Bitfortip can turn out to be extremely useful.

Bitfortip represents a start-up site that has a great idea backing it up. It’s practically a platform where people from all around the world can ask and answer questions, while being rewarded bitcoins in return. To put things better into perspective, a user can go ahead and fund their account and then proceed to ask a question and put a bounty on the answer. Once a couple of answers are received, the user can then go ahead and reward the person who has offered the best answer with the bitcoin bounty.

Not only can this prove to be extremely useful in situations of all kinds, but it can also prove to be an interesting way of earning money for those who enjoy spending a lot of their time on the internet.  An example of the site being used may be the following: a person found a plane ticket from Rome to Berlin for the price of $300. He now wonders whether there’s any cheaper alternative, so he goes ahead and posts the question over on Bitfortip and offers a 0.1 btc bounty. Once someone finds a cheaper alternative, they will then be granted the amount as promised.

The site itself is fortunate enough to have a great user interface, which can further improve its potential. Chances are that once word is out about this site, a large number of people will go ahead and join it, in order to ask and answer questions, while being rewarded bitcoins in return.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about Bitfortip? Do you think that the idea behind it is great? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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