Amon, Intelligent Crypto card that Saves You Time And Money

As consumers, we are interested in spending our money in the fastest, easiest and most hassle-free way possible. In a world that is becoming virtually cashless, this means selecting a payment card that combines all these advantages. In addition, we want the flexibility of using anywhere we want, with minimal fees, and to earn something on our balance.

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The current range of crypto cards in existence (which convert cryptos to fiat currency when making purchases), has up to now been unable to deliver all these benefits in full. Often there are notable shortcomings, including:

  •   The inability to convert more than one crypto, usually relying exclusively on Bitcoin.
  •    The impossibility of completing real-time conversions – leaving the card user at the mercy of costly crypto price fluctuations
  •    A lack of global acceptance

Amon resolves these issues with one solution – the Amon Card. The Amon Card aims to be the most technologically-advanced, user intuitive and cost-effective crypto card available. It saves you time and money in many ways:

  •    It allows you to directly convert Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum to fiat cash, increasing your flexibility. Future Amon Card releases will have additional cryptos, expanding your options.
  •    It mitigates crypto volatility and risk with the Amon Artificial Intelligence System (AAIS). The AIIS selects, via an innovative trading-algorithm, the best crypto to convert from your portfolio in real-time. This saves you money on the conversion rate and maximises the spending power of your portfolio, automatically and each time you use your card.
  •    It pays you interest on the balance of various cryptos in your portfolio, thanks to Masternodes.

Not only can you benefit from the Amon Card as a user, but you can also play an active role in kickstarting the global crypto economy.

Amon is launching its ICO on March 1st, 2018, whitelist will close on February 28th. Signing up to the whitelist will give you exclusive access to the pre-ICO Token Sale, which is not available for non-members. As a whitelist member you stand to gain further benefits – including a completely FREE Amon Gold card and a 25% Amon Token bonus for all tokens you buy.