American Greed TV Show Dedicated A Full Episode To Silk Road Last Night

The Silk Road has been a cause of much controversy throughout the years. There are also plenty of misconceptions regarding the platform and its owner, Ross Ulbricht. CNBC’s American Greed TV show dedicated a full episode to Silk Road and “Dread Pirate Roberts”  last night–a positive sign, or more ways to give Bitcoin and Ross Ulbricht a wrongful bad reputation?

Silk Road On The TV Screen With American Greed

Several TV shows have paid attention to Bitcoin and the darknet throughout the years. Nearly none of these spotlights on cryptocurrency has proven to be even somewhat positive, though. The only exception is “Mr. Robot” season two, which seems to paint a very different picture about Bitcoin than most people have been told by the media.

American Greed is a very different creature in this regard, as it is not a Hollywood-scripted TV show. Instead, it puts the spotlight on famous events and collects witness testimonies, as well as the opinions of security experts. This could be a great way to tell the real story about Silk Road and what the FBI and corporate media want one to believe.

At the same time, American Greed may not be the best stage for a Silk Road discussion, either. While the TV show should be on everybody’s watch list– there are plenty of scams out there, trust us–their “angle” to every story is how people steal money. Silk Road, and more importantly Ross Ulbricht, never stole money from their users, so that doesn’t seem to fit the narrative all too well.

That being said, there were multiple thefts related to the Silk Road case. Law enforcement officials stole Bitcoins belonging to Silk Road not once, but twice. It is doubtful that American Greed would pay attention to this aspect, though, as they may get an unwanted visit from the FBI if they tried to do so.

For many of the International Bitcoin users, American Greed has yet to be made available. So far no one has voiced any comments regarding this episode, although it will be a topic of some debate in the next few days.  For American residents who missed the airing, it will be re-airing this Saturday at 9 PM EST on CNBC.

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