Why American Breakfast Habits are Changing

According to a recent survey and infographic from Bob Evans, purveyor of restaurants and heat-and-eat breakfasts everywhere, the pandemic has had an interesting effect on American breakfast habits. Many people, in their rushing out to the office, had actually been skipping breakfast in favor of commuting.

Now that many are working from home, perhaps for the long haul, routines have shifted a bit. People have been getting into a routine of sleeping in a bit more and cooking breakfast – a better use of time than commuting if you ask me. Some however, are going back to the office at least some of the time – but why give up breakfast again? Heat-and-eat alternatives are here to help you keep healthy breakfast habits in place.

Learn more about the dramatic shift of American breakfast habits and why they are likely to stay in the following visual deep dive below, courtesy of Bob Evans:

How The Pandemic Changed American’s Breakfast Habits
Source: BobEvansGrocery.com