AMD has High Hopes for the Blockchain Gaming Industry

It has been a very prominent year for the blockchain gaming industry. So much even that AMD is now ready to jump on this bandwagon. 

Earlier this week, it became clear that the blockchain gaming industry welcomed some new powerful partners.

AMD Shifts its Attention to Blockchain Gaming

AMD has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance and expects to forge partnerships with various technology providers.

This alliance aims to drive the adoption of blockchain technologies in the gaming industry to new heights.

AMD will contribute to this alliance through efficient and high-performance computing technologies.

With that hardware to fall back on, more powerful and encompassing blockchain gaming projects can be established in the years ahead.

Moreover, AMD will partner Robot Cache and ULTRA, two entities already active in the world of online gaming.

Both projects are marketplaces which will benefit from AMD processors and graphics cards.

In the dApp industry, blockchain gaming projects tend to attract  a lot of users.

This is primarily due to users being able to own and trade the in-game items they find.

All of these assets are registered on a blockchain, giving users full control over these digital assets. 

Building next-generation blockchain game platforms is now the first priority for Blockchain Game Alliance members all over the world.