AI Crypto Battle Heats: THETA Dips While The Graph and Raboo Surge. Who Will Lead?

The crypto market has proven to be a battleground of innovation. The recent surge in AI cryptos has fueled new competition, but THETA is losing the battle to market uncertainties. However, The Graph and the trending meme coin Raboo make dramatic waves while attaining gravity-defying heights. Raboo’s mystifying million-dollar raise, dashing force, and first-mover advantage have sparked particular curiosity. Yet, an important question lingers: who will triumph in this battle? Let’s find out.

THETA: Faltering Performance Raises Concern, Experts Opinion Weighs In

Layer-1 chain, Theta, is an important contender when it comes to leading the forefront of the AI crypto revolution. The layer decentralized chain was specifically developed for video and AI-powered entertainment. Theta features an extensive and well-established ecosystem where media companies can benefit from innovative models, maximized revenues, and direct user engagement.

However, Theta has been struggling to keep up with this battle. Theta, an AI crypto, lost all its recent gains after peaking at a 24-month high of $3.59 in March. Since then, Theta has edged lower to $2.16 after losing a whopping 25% in the past month. Experts have weighed in with their prediction of a continuing bearish trend as MACD indicates increased selling-over-buying pressure.

The Graph Shoots Up in Style As Ecosystem Growth Heightens

The Graph is undoubtedly a worthy AI crypto in this battle. The decentralized indexing protocol has proven to be a crucial component of DeFi and Web3 development. The Graph network has not stopped in its compelling proposition.

It recently expanded its reach to over 40 blockchain networks, including Base and Arbitrum. This came after The Graph introduced the Sunrise Upgrade Program for more accessible information. These developments have helped The Graph gain a positive grip on its price movement. Despite a 24-hour dip of 5.26%, GRT has surged by 25.4% to $0.265 in the past seven days.

Trending Meme Coin Raboo Attracts Whales with Gravity-Defying Momentum

For obvious reasons, Raboo has been one of the top trending meme coins for weeks, and its presale has been intense. Like The Graph, Raboo puts innovation at the front by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, but Raboo is so much more! It’s a vibrant ecosystem and community for the meme culture to thrive.

Raboo simplifies crypto investment with its focus on lightheadedness and unified active participation. The network introduces the first meme-backed SocialFi platform where anyone can interact, earn incentives, and monetize creative content. The AI crypto sector is bubbling, and Raboo is tipped to dominate the scene with unique innovation and substantial gains. This prediction is becoming a tangible reality as its freshly launched presale zooms to stage three with $1M raised and an over 40% price rise to $0.0042.


The AI crypto market is heating up; honestly, THETA and The Graph have done excellently. However, Raboo parlaying a first-mover advantage in the AI crypto market is phenomenal. Its blend of meme virality with AI and SocialFi far transcends what other established crypto giants stand for. It’s a no-brainer; Raboo is positioned to take the challenge to Shiba Inu and Dogecoin – so don’t be left on the sideline again.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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