AI and Machine Learning Tools are Coming to the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has proven to be quite a nifty credit card-sized computer alternative. Most people use their Pi as a home theater device or to run their own IoT services. Google, on the other hand, has big plans for the Raspberry Pi, as they will bring artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to the platform soon. An excellent development that will give schools and makers direct access to the most innovative technologies today.

Raspberry Pi Becomes Even More Versatile

It is interesting to see Google pay close attention to how people would like to access AI and machine learning tools and platforms. With so many schools and maker communities using devices such as the Raspberry Pi, it makes a lot of sense to bring these tools to the credit card sized computer. The Pi is a very low-cost solution that packs quite a bit of power under the hood.

So far, Google conducted a survey to determine which tools would be most useful to the makers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two broad areas, both of which are gaining a lot of traction among creative communities. Unfortunately, it is not easy to access these tools and Google’s initiative can make a big impact in this regard.

According to the survey results, the makers are most interested in a few tools. Facial and emotion recognition, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and speech-to-text translation are the top priorities for the maker community right now. It appears all of those features will be coming to a Raspberry Pi near you in the future, although no specific dates have been announced yet.

On the Raspberry Pi Foundation blog, it is hard to miss the excitement regarding this announcement. Having the support of such a technology giant brings a lot of positive attention to these microcomputers, which have proven their worth to the maker community for several years now. Building more powerful projects is the end goal for all parties involved and it will be interesting to see which innovative projects will come to fruition over the next few years.

Open source machine learning tools have been one of Google’s many “pet projects” for quite some time now. The company has developed a wide range of tools for machine learning, IoT devices, and other innovative industries. Although no specific details were announced at this time, this is an exciting development for all Raspberry Pi owners.

Most people have been wondering what the Raspberry Pi is capable of in the long run. Combining these small yet powerful computer boards with machine learning tools will allow for the creation of smart devices. Moreover, these smart devices will be capable of interacting with the real world. With over 10 million Pi’s being used around the world, big things are on the horizon for AI and machine learning projects.  

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