Agentic Group Blockchain Consortium Expands To France

Agentic Group is one of the many companies focusing on blockchain technology. The new York-based global Blockchain Consortium is expanding into Europe, as they opened an office in Paris. Moreover, there will be a special two-day event focusing on blockchain technology in the region.

Agentic Group Eyes Europe

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Originally formed back in 2015, Agentic Group has quickly made a name for itself in the world of blockchain technology. Thirty-six different blockchain and digital currency companies are part of this consortium, providing insights, consultation, and development. Among their partners and customers are government agencies, nonprofits, and corporations.

Agentic Group Founder and Managing Director Rik Willard told the media:

“The Agentic Group was formed in response to the need for a cohesive voice in the field that addresses not only the financial implications of digital currencies and blockchains, but also the significant ramifications for the rest of the global business community as well as the development of new forms of social benefit in both developed and developing markets.”

Expanding the business into France is not a random business decision either. Agentic France will service as an extension of the moment to support the global blockchain ecosystem. Establishing a leadership position in the fields of blockchain and digital currency will be the primary objective for the French office.

There will also be an event in Paris on Monday, June 20. Several panel discussions are on the agenda, including the Internet of Value, and how it can disrupt Europe and Africa. Additionally, there will also be presentations on payments and energy, both of which directly correlate to the blockchain.

Among the speakers for this event will be some prominent names, including Ann Camarillo, Richard Caetano, Jean-Louis Borloo, and BitWage founder Jonathan Chester. Rik Willard will be moderating all of the panels, and some interesting discussions will take place throughout the day.

Source: Press Release Via Email

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