AFkdata Reveals Bitcoin And Litecoin Price Ticker Screen

Whether or not the world has been waiting for convenient physical Bitcoin tickers, remains unknown at this time, but that isn’t keeping some people from trying to establish a successful business by selling these products. A listing on Afkdata showcases a convenient Bitcoin and Litecoin screen – connected via Wi-Fi – which will display the current prices at all times. For just US$37, you too can own one of these nifty devices.

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Afkdata Brings Digital Currency Prices To Your Home

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Some people may have expected a fancier solution that the current product being sold by Afkdata, but its simplicity has a certain appeal as well. After all, the main objective of this Bitcoin and Litecoin screen is to display the current prices in a very small form factor, and it seems to be doing a great job.

What makes the product by Afkdata so interesting is the fact this device is 129mm by 51 mm by 40 mm and draws less than one Watt of power from the wall. The cheap price tag can be explained easily, as a developer board with a standard screen don’t cost all that much to assemble. Considering how this display will only show text and numbers at all times, there is no need for a full HD display by any means.

When purchasing this Bitcoin and Litecoin screen, it is important to keep in mind there will be no power cable or wall charger included in the package. The screen can be powered through micro-USB, and nearly everyone in the world owning at least one mobile device will have such a cable at their disposal. Besides, USB wall chargers are becoming the new norm in most regions, and they’re not that difficult or expensive to obtain.

Prices for both Bitcoin and Litecoin will be updating every sixty seconds, although more advanced users will probably find a way to set their own time intervals if they so desire. Speaking of setting up the device, users will need a Wi-Fi connected device – such as a phone, laptop, or tablet – to set up the network on the device, as well as set up the fiat currency they want to display. All in all, the whole process should take less than five minutes for most consumers.

Last but not least, some customization is available out of the box. Afkdata Bitcoin and Litecoin screen users can choose the backlight color between blue, green, and yellow upon ordering. More advanced users might be able to unlock additional features, but reverse engineering of the software might be required.

Note from the Author: Yes, it is probably much cheaper to build this yourself, but some people just want a plug-and-play solution.

Source: Afkdata

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