Aditus Pay Rolled Out at Art Stage Singapore 2018

At Asia’s biggest art show, Art Stage, Aditus successfully rolled out their alpha version of their platform which gave buyers the power to pay for art with cryptocurrency. Aditus’s role during the art showing demonstrates a natural progression towards bridging purveyors of Southeast Asian artworks with crypto-affluents. As part of the platform, Aditus Pay is enabling visitors to purchase artworks on display using the native ADI token and other crypto currencies.

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The World’s First Blockchain-based Art Buying Platform.

Aditus PAY, the world’s first luxury art access platform for crypto-affluents, in partnership with Art Stage, the largest art fair in Southeast Asia, was integrated as a payment option during the Art Stage Singapore 2018 event.

Aditus’s role during the art fair has shown a natural progression within the cryptocurrency space, bridging purveyors of artwork. With part of the platform, Aditus Pay enabled visitors to purchase artworks on display using the native ADI token and other currencies. Giving them themed “interactions”. At this year’s Art Stage Singapore carries a strong focus on the Thai art scene. Over 1,200 art lovers came through the Aditus booth while exhibiting galleries enquired and were trained on the interactive Aditus Pay terminals.

Of course Aditus also discovered possible areas of improvement about their platform. Aditus received useful comments from both merchants and users, and the RendezVous also took place while the Ethereum network was quite congested, with the standard gas price going as high as 80 gwei.

There were thus many learnings and observations from this real life beta-test and we will be incorporating improvements into the Aditus platform to improve its robustness.

Naufal Abshar, HAHA Series

Aditus Pay was put to good use at the Art Stage this year, four remarkable paintings were paid for with cryptocurrencies. Among them was Indonesian artist Naufal Abshar. Who proudly sold his Fishing catch games using the Aditus network. The painting is part of the “HAHA” series by Naufal. Naufal has been pushing the boundaries of humour with tongue-in-cheek social commentary.

The Aditus team are thrilled with the sale of the Naufal art piece, with the payment settlement proceeding smoothly all thanks to the capabilities demonstrated by Aditus Pay. The team is excited that their vision became a reality — proving its worth at a prestigious art showing.

Cryptocurrencies have been named the fastest growing new asset class, giving rise to a growing new community of high-net-worth individuals who have cultivating an interest in the works of talented artists in the region.

About Aditus

Aditus’ goal is to broaden cryptocurrency adoption by solving many of the currently unresolved problems for both merchants and crypto-users, and the Aditus Pay payment gateway is a core component to that approach.

Aditus’ founders are veteran entrepreneurs in luxury & technology, and it aims to use this advantage to work closely with its pool of luxury merchants to understand and solve these market problems, and thus be the first in the market to provide a comprehensive offering to crypto-users.

Aditus expects its crypto-adoption solutions to find application beyond the luxury industry.