Acebusters Makes Online Poker Fun Again

Since its conception, cryptocurrency has gone hand in hand with online gambling and poker. A project called Acebusters wants to make that relationship even stronger. Its new Dapp offers card dealing and bet settlement. The team already has a beta version of its product, setting them apart from other projects trying to raise funds with a whitepaper alone.

Real-Time Cash Games on the Ethereum Blockchain

The Acebusters team identified what they saw as the largest problems in the traditional online poker world. The main issues to them were player deposit risk, fraud perpetrated by platforms, a lack of focus on mobile gaming, and fragmented liquidity.

Deposit risk essentially is the risk that players take by having their money, bets, or winnings stored on the site or platform hosting the gaming. If something happens to the platform, then players’ funds are threatened. We have seen this occur in the past with other platforms. Platform fraud can take many forms. Some players feel that the platform stacks the deck – quite literally – against them, or that accounts that are too profitable see the sudden freezing of funds.

The selling or exploitation of personal data could be another way that traditional platforms put their interests over their users. Acebusters also feels there is a lacking mobile experience for recreational players on the go. Moreover, these platforms are often region-restrictive, meaning that some players have access to games and opponents that others do not.

Acebusters feels like it can change all that. By using a decentralized app, there is no need to trust a third party. That alone cuts out many of the problems Acebusters sees in the current model of online poker. The fact that it is based on the Ethereum blockchain also means it will be able to reach a substantial number of players while also operating on a low rake fee structure. This means that it will potentially be more profitable – i.e. more fun – for players.

Securing players’ funds was also a huge concern for the team, and it has been in their minds through every step of development. The bankroll will always stay in the sole control of players’ wallets, with their choice of software. Smart contracts will also undergo a rigorous peer review system by a reputable service provider to ensure that everything is on the level. They also plan on implementing secure multi-party computation for the game execution protocol.

Acebusters will be accessible on any mobile device, without the need to install custom software. There will be no personal data collected or stored.

Acebusters Crowdsale

The crowdsale starts today and will run until December 21st. It will only accept ETH, and the ICO’s supply is 270,000 of the token ABP. The scale of the ICO itself is between 5,000 ETH and 30,000 ETH.

Check out the Acebusters website here:

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