ABCC Exchange – The World’s First Commission-Free Crypto Trading Platform

Despite price volatility, the cryptocurrency trading market continues to grow, with numerous players actively joining the community on a daily basis. The newly-launched (AlphaBit CryptoCurrency) ABCC exchange represents the world’s first platform to offer zero trading fees when it comes down to trading blockchain assets to a broad investor base.

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The company’s philosophy is to facilitate mass adoption of crypto assets, by creating a participatory ecosystem that is open, free and frictionless to all of its users. Here, investors can quickly identify assets they like, and then access ABCC’s secure trading platform and trading services, for more efficient investments. Granted the zero commission policy, anyone can make trends as long as they hold the funds required for purchasing crypto assets.

ABCC actively follows the beliefs of Mr Calvin Cheng, who is a Singaporean entrepreneur and former parliament member. He believes that: Entrepreneurs in the blockchain field need to proactively create a healthy industry environment as well as follow a sustainable business model. As the industry matures, these blockchain projects need real world applications which generate real social value. Through ABCC, we hope to alleviate this problem by encouraging more users to have a frictionless experience when trading cryptocurrencies.”

Apart from offering commission-free services to its customers, the ABCC exchange also wishes to get involved with governments throughout the world, in creating a better and standardized regulatory framework to govern over cryptocurrencies and the blockchain market.

At this moment in time, the platform offers BTC, ETH and USDT trading pairs, with more to be added in the future. The exchange itself is well-designed, secure, and offers most tools that traders require for efficient and successful investments.

Some of the other benefits associated with the platform include, but are not limited to:

  1. A micro service-based framework, as over 30 microservices make up the distributed trading and asset systems – this means that a dynamic expansion based on scale is easily attainable.
  2. Safety of the assets is ensured by separating the trading system from the asset system, by several layers consisting in both source audit and risk control protocols.
  3. Via the log-centric design approach, the system can track and recover user behaviour, while also keeping the account status intact. Other benefits include support for bigger data scales, and efficient use of data values.

For more information about the ABCC exchange, feel free to check out their website.