Aaress FinTech Inc Announces All-In-One Coin ICO

It is always exciting to see cyrptocurrencies and projects fill parts of the market which are in much need of invigoration. All the better when these projects appear familiar to traditional investors, and thus encourage new capital to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our sponsor at Aaress Fintech Inc is excited to announce an ongoing ICO for its token, AIOcoin (All In One), that the company hopes will tap into the financial world.

When Fund Managers and Cryptocurrency Experts Collaborate

AIO is an ethereum-based token created by the Hong Kong-registered Aaress Fintech Inc. The company is run by professional fund managers and cryptocurrency experts who have a passion for innovation in fintech and want to bring blockchain technology to various parts of the financial world.

The AIO coin itself will act as a stake in a traditional hedge fund. Tokens will be representative shares of the entire pooled value of said fund. The idea is to harness the potential rewards of the very in-demand cryptocurrency markets while attempting to mitigate as much risk as possible. This is where the team found inspiration for the token’s name, All In One, because owning an AIO token is similar to holding a share of all their coins and tokens in one convenient and manageable place.

Token Value Calculation and ICO

There are a limited number of tokens being distributed through this ICO, and the offering will only run for just over twenty more days at the time of writing. Initially, AIO coins will be sold at a price of US$1 per coin. However, based on the fund’s overall worth, that value will go up or down with time. ICO participants can purchase AIO tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Litecoin.

With the funds from the ICO, the project will purchase the ten most highly traded cryptocurrencies on the market today. Based on how these assets perform overall, the value of AIO’s coin – or shares of the portfolio – will rise or fall. This allows investors to take part in the increasingly popular cryptocurrency market without needing to worry about the performance of a particular asset or the various developments which may affect price. Since the aforementioned ten tokens’ prices and volatility are mostly independent of one another, if one or two assets were to perform poorly then it is possible that the other assets would offset them in the portfolio. The formula for calculating the value of each token is easily understood as well: the value of one AIO coin is equal to the total fund value divided by the number of tokens sold. Simple.

Funds raised during the ICO, the portfolio’s composition, and future holdings will always be a matter of public record on the official site. This way everything remains transparent and participants can see the funds for themselves.

For those interested, check out the company’s site here: https://www.aiocoins.io/home

They have an informative video which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7N2Kr4vBkU

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