A Mitsubishi Subsidiary Tokenizes Salmon the Blockchain

More and more real-world use cases for blockchain technology become apparent. Cermaq, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi in Norway, is now tokenizing salmon.

It makes a lot of sense to utilize the potential of blockchain technology.

Tokenizing Salmon the Blockchain

While it is mainly used as part of cryptocurrencies, there are other opportunities as well. 

Norwegian Mitsubishi subsidiary Cermaq is certainly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Their vision to tokenize salmon on the blockchain is certainly an interesting one.

The fish in question will be sold to the French market, courtesy of Labeyrie.

Consumers can scan the salmon package’s QR code to find out more information about where the fish came from.

It is not the first time the origin of food is tracking a blockchain either.

Consumers show an increasing demand for knowing more about products before purchasing them.

Among the information consumers can collect about these salmon are their diet, vaccinations, and so forth.

Under the hood, the blockchain will be provided by IBM Food Trust.

This venture utilize private distributed ledgers instead of public blockchains.

All of this goes to show the use of blockchain becomes more prevalent on a global scale.

As the origin of food becomes more important, so do the technologies used for making this happen.

The golden era for blockchain hasn’t arrived yet, but these developments hold a lot of promise regardless.