8 Reasons to Join the Dentacoin ICO

Dentacoin, the first cryptocurrency designed for the global dental industry, offers a unique opportunity for everyone to become involved in improving dental health around the world through a new-age approach. Its ICO was launched on the 1st of October and at the moment of writing 60% of the soft ICO cap are reached. Reaching the soft cap will help the Dentacoin Foundation to fulfill the next targets on its Roadmap. In no particular order, here are 8 reasons to support Dentacoin.

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You like supporting projects with a higher chance for value multiplication

Dentacoin is an operational business, built on fundamental macro- and micro economic facts.  These facts include the financial incentives people need to receive in order to do certain things that are in their own self-interest.  According to serious calculations in the Whitepaper, the fundamental price of Dentacoin is over 3700% higher than the offered ICO price. After the ICO the real-life value of the Dentacoin tools is expected to increase the market price. Since its Presale in July, Dentacoin already increased its value multiple times, so there are good chances that this process will be repeated on a higher scale after the ICO thanks to the large number of people using the token.

You care about helping others.

Dentacoin is engineered to improve global dental health.  With about $400 billion USD wasted every year on preventable dental problems, this ranks high on the list of medical problems humanity can solve.  Buying Dentacoin at the ICO is a vote of confidence in the ability of human beings to use technology to improve the lives of others.  The success of Dentacoin can inspire others to tackle other major global problems with new ideas.

Dentacoin Assurance aligns patient and dentist interests.

Right now, more money is spent on solving preventable dental problems than keeping teeth and gums healthy.  This is a result of patients operating under one set of financial principles and dentists operating under a different set.  Dentacoin Assurance is an innovative concept, which uses blockchain technology to create a relationship where the goals of both patients and dentists are aligned.  Both benefit from the patient’s healthy teeth.

Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform will reduce dentist operational costs.

A dental practice is a business, and that business includes the need to keep current patients coming back while attracting new patients.  This can be an expensive and time-consuming job for the dental professional, who has been medically trained to practice dentistry, not marketing.  The Trusted Review Platform is a collection of unedited reviews of the dental practice which is a great opportunity for a dental practice to attract new patients, and also a great source of valuable feedback, which the dentist can use to improve the quality of the treatment.

Blockchain allows for low cost.

Maintaining the security and integrity of a database used to be very expensive.  Even companies with a significant financial risk of loss who spend large amounts of money on cyber security have suffered data breeches.  Blockchain technology is an absolute game-changer in this arena, and Dentacoin integrates the Blockchain into all tools developed and planned, including smart contracts, to impact the global dental community in the most efficient manner.

Dental industry is ripe for disruption.

As the first cryptocurrency designed for the global dental industry, Dentacoin is a disrupter, and industries marked by many small providers are ripe for disruption.  Statistics from the American Dental Association released in 2016 show that over 75% of dental practices employ less than 10 people.  There are no large dental chains.  Dentacoin will enter this market and change the way dental services are provided.

Dentacoin represents next-gen blockchain valuation.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that depend on speculators for their value represent the first generation of blockchain technology.  Cryptocurrencies like Dentacoin that are used in common transactions, like a trip to the dentist, represent a very different valuation model.  The market for cryptocurrencies will begin to adopt business valuation techniques for coins like Dentacoin that represent operational enterprises.

Dentacoin ICO price is exceptionally low.

Too much can be made about the price of a cryptocurrency at the Initial Coin Offering, but the ability to purchase a very large number of Dentacoin with a very small initial commitment is an important consideration.  An ICO is designed exclusively to raise operating capital and is a function of both the number of coins sold and the price.  Dentacoin is engineered with a large number of coins to facilitate global acceptance as a currency, therefore a very low initial price allows everyone to join.

Are there other reasons?

These 8 reasons might not even be considered the top reasons to invest in Dentacoin at the ICO, which is LIVE at this moment.  “Diversification of a cryptocurrency portfolio” is not even on this list, nor is “Use the coins for dental treatments”.  “Dentacoin is designed to be deflationary” is another long-term reason for buying at the ICO.  Regardless, the economic reality will show itself as Dentacoin permanently improves global dental health.