71% of Americans Feel US Economy Favors The Select Few

There are many different opinions on the current state of the global economy. Knowledgeable people see what is going on behind the scenes, whereas most consumers show no interest in changing the system. But that is coming to change, as the vast majority of Americans feels the economy is rigged. Truth be told, they are not that far off either.

The Economy Is Not What You Think It Is

TheMerkle_Global Economy Inequality

It is always interesting to see these polls on how consumers feel about the current economic situation. The vast majority of Americans believe the economy is rigged for particular groups and individuals. In fairness, no economy is entirely fair, as there is no level playing field to speak of. There is more to life than going to work, paying taxes, and dying.

Middle-class families, which represent the majority of households in any developed region, earn about the same amount of money as they did 20 years ago. Over the course of those same twenty years, prices have inflated, In fact, consumers have lost a lot of purchasing power over the past two decades, and it has become evident why that is.

But that is not all, as the current recession took out a lot of savings as well. Moreover, people have been losing jobs and struggle to make ends meet. YDespiteall of these facts, the US economy is showing signs of recovery, according to the experts. Surely this growth must come from the “favored few” then, as the average person is only seeing their purchasing power decline every year.

At its core, the financial system as we know it has been designed with one simple goal in mind. Dividing, impoverishing, and destroying the middle class appears to be the primary objective. Fixing inequality is a matter of redistributing all of the wealth on this planet in equal portions. It would certainly be possible for the rich to make life easier for the middle class and poor.

The current Presidential hopefuls are both claiming they have the solution for helping the working class. However, Clinton argues Trump is partially responsible for rigging the system. Trump, on the other hand, feels the US needs to bring jobs back to where they belong, instead of China and Mexico.  It is very doubtful either of these candidates will change the system as we know it, though.

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