6 Tech Devices That are Dying Out

The world around us keeps changing, and the tech industry has been showing us it has no intention to slowing   down. A lot of devices we used to love are now gone, and were replaced with something better. Today we’re looking at tech devices that futures generations will no longer be able to enjoy.


6. Stand-alone GPS devices

old gps device

Just like the GPS took down the traditional map, so will the smartphone take down the stand-alone GPS. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone nowadays. These devices have access to apps such as Google Maps, making it pointless to spend hundreds of dollars on a device that does something you can do with your smartphone, for free. Moreover, a lot of cars now have in-dash navigation, making these devices even more obsolete.


5. Mechanical Watches

mechanical watch

Mechanical watches are great to look stylish and help us tell the time. Smartwatches will soon put an end to them, however, as they’re able to do so much more. Not only do they let us know what time it is, they can also monitor our heartbeat, allow us to access the internet, and do hundreds of other things through specific apps. Plus, they can be upgraded and customized.

Not to say mechanical watches such as Rolexes are outdated, as they are still very high in demand. But when it comes to the technological aspect of the watch, there are much better alternatives on the market for keeping accurate time. Furthermore, you might be surprised that Rolexes aren’t as good as keeping time as some battery powered watches, if a Rolex isn’t worn every day, it needs to be winded up as the mechanism will slow down the watch.


4. Dedicated MP3 players

old mp3 player

MP3 players were a big thing back in the day. Almost everyone had one of these as it allowed them to carry their music around, without taking up too much space. Now, the smartphone does exactly the same thing, and tons of others as well. Dedicated MP3 players don’t have access to apps like Spotify, which is helping them lose the battle that is leading to their inevitable death. Soon, they might be completely gone.


3. Low-end Digital Cameras

old digital camera

Some of the best cameras out there can take extremely high-quality pictures. Low-end digital cameras, on the other hand, are becoming a waste of money. Why should one buy a low-end digital camera and bother to carry it around, while having a smartphone with a just as good, or even a much better camera sitting in its pocket?


2. Alarm clocks

old alarm clock

Smartphones; smartwatches and home automation systems are making traditional stand-alone alarm clocks completely obsolete. There are hundreds of third-party alarm clock apps which are way more reliable than a traditional alarm clock. If the power in your house happens to flicker, the alarm clock will reset and disappoint you in the morning, other systems won’t.

As a matter of fact, a survey conducted in 2014 revealed smartphones were now being used to wake people up, more than they are being used to make phone calls.


1. USB drives

usb drive

The end of USB drives can’t be blamed on smartphones. This time, the amazing cloud-computing phenomenon is to blame. While a USB drive can either be physically damaged or simply lost, the cloud isn’t going anywhere. Moreover, USB drives need to be carried around and paid for, while some companies offer users dozens of gigabytes for free. For example, if you have a Google or a Microsoft account, you have at least 15 GBs of free storage space in some of the safest servers in the world.

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