6 Movie-based Technologies That Actually Exist

The technology sector has given our society some powerful tools, even though not every tech venture is successful in the end. Contrary to what most people believe some of the most “alien” technological inventions only seen in movies and TV shows actually do exist this very day. Below is a brief list of some intriguing technological innovations worth taking notice of, even if they may not directly appeal to everyone.

#6 Invisible Bike Helmets

As odd as it may sound, not every cyclist without a helmet is unprotected. The invisible bike helmet is a very real project, and it serves as a mobile airbag. The “helmet” is hidden within a scarf, which cyclists can wear around their neck. As soon as it senses an impact, it will inflate to create a protective cushion around one’s head.

#5 Nanodrones

The concept of drones has boggled the minds of consumers and tech giants for quite some time. Although some people envision drones as a large aircraft with a remote control, nanodrones are far creepier. These flying drones are as large as the average mosquito and can take pictures, record audio, and even collect DNA samples. It remains unclear if nanodrones are effectively used by anyone this day, although conspiracy theorists claim various governments deploy them on a large scale.

#4 A Global Supervirus

Technology comes in many different forms, some of which may even end the human race as we know it. Scientist Ron Fouchier created a supervirus back in 2011, which is based on the HSN1 virus. Due to some minor modifications to this bird-killing virus, the new strain is capable of killing billions of people, in theory. It has never been tested on live human subjects and we can only hope that situation will never change.

#3 Digital Revolver

Any advancements made in the technology sector will attract attention from the military at some point. The Armatix Digital Revolver is a great example, as it is a pistol with a digital sanitary mechanism. The user of the gun can disable the safety while wearing a wristwatch sending the unlock signal. Unlocking the wristwatch requires a fingerprint scan. A great advancement towards making guns safer to use, even though it sounds like it came out of an Almost Human episode.

#2 A Medical Tricorder

First seen in the Star Trek series, the concept of a medical tricorder is far more real than some people would like. In fact, it is available as a smartphone accessory, called the Scanadu Vitals, formerly known as the Scanadu Scout. This little device provides users with vitals by pressing it to one’s temple. All of the associated data is then visualized through the smartphone app.

#1 Face Swapping

Everyone with a mobile device has tried to face swap their own face with someone else. In most cases, this creates some hilarious results. Little do people know face transplant technology is a very real thing, even though it is still in the “trial” stages. Scientists have been working on this technology for some years now. In fact, the first successful facial transplant was conducted in November of 2015.

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