6 KGB Spy Tools That are Still Relevant

During the Cold War, Russia and the United States were extremely concerned about the other nation’s spies. A sit turns out, the KGB has quite some nifty tools which allowed their agents to spy on US targets with relative ease. Some of this “hardware” could still prove to be effective in this day and age of digitization, though.

6. Dead Drop Spy Bolt


It is quite interesting to see the dead drop spy bolt surface on Amazon these days. Contrary to what most people may think, this tool was once used by the KGB during the Cold War. The older version of this tool featured the use of a hollow bolt used to store microfilms and coded messages alike. More modern versions of this spy bolt can be used to store cash, SD cards, and other small valuables. It is quite a nifty tool that can still serve a purpose just fine in this day and age. 

5. Disappearing Ink

Exchanging vital information in a secure manner can be quite problematic in this day and age. During the Cold War, the KGB used disappearing ink pen, which looks just like any other ink pen people have come across. Although this technique was used decades ago, it is still possible to create your own disappearing ink to exchange sensitive information and keep it away from prying eyes.  Even though we are exchanging data in a digital format these days, invisible ink will always have its place in our society.

4. Hollow Coins

Although it may sound unusual to make use of hollow coins, these inconspicuous spy tools have proven to be quite successful. In the past, KGB spies used hollow coins to transport microfilms and other sensitive data. These days, hollow coins are used to exchange SD cards and photographs out of regions dealing with oppressive regimes. Plenty of online web shops actively sell hollow coins, although they can be quite expensive, to say the least.

3. Pen Camera

Even though pens may seem out of place in this age of digitization, there are plenty of reasons to still use them. Most people still make notes using a pen. This creates opportunities for using a pen camera to spy on users. In fact, there are different models which feature a 720P HD spy camera at more than affordable rates. It is a bit unclear what purpose such a pen would serve at this time, although it is good to know these objects are still around.

2. Cufflinks With Recessions

Cufflinks will never go out of fashion completely, even though they are usually worn only during special occasions. Cufflinks with recessions were once used to hide microfilm and they may still serve a purpose to this very day. It would be rather easy to slip an SD card into such a recession and carry it on one person at all times.

1. Wristwatch Camera

Originally used by the KGB during the Cold War, wristwatch cameras have slowly gone out of fashion ever since. Then again, now that smartwatches are becoming more prominent, it is only a matter of time until they get equipped with better cameras. Even though smartwatches may not necessarily become the new wristwatch camera used by KGB spies, it is not unlikely they will be used to monitor other human beings in the future.

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