50Cent : “All Money Is Money” as rapper hints at adopting Bitcoin

In the rap industry nothing comes as close as money. The sweet aroma of cash may be one of the biggest pull of the rap industry. As much as fiat cash is appealing and a greenback may never match the Bitcoin in a rappers eye 50 Cent has proved that stereotypes die hard.

In a recent interview with Stephen Meyers, which can be seen below, 50Cent remarked “All money is money” referring to Bitcoin. This sudden remark prompted many to believe that the Rap Artist has bigger plans for the currency as after all ‘money is money’ no matter what. Following a $78 milion sponsorhip deal, the talk of bitcoin raises a few eyebrows. The rapper is currently supporting the Bitcoin by allowing users to purchase his album using the cryptocurrency. Watch the full interview below.


Snoop Dog has also been one of the industries greatest. Being one of the first artisits to accept Bitcoin along side 50Cent, music and Bitcoin have become 2 very close entities. With the cryptocurrency already being used to purchase music tracks on independent platforms. Near the end of 2013 Snoop Dog dropped the bombshell as his reply to a Coin Base tweet set the ball rolling for Bitcoin.”@coinbase dm your info. I want to make it happen.” in his words.

Music distribution has become predominantly an online business. With millions changing hands each day the advantages of Bitcoin are clear. One of the main reasons behind 50Cent’s decision however has to do with sales. With some of 50Cent’s albums not faring too well in a saturated rap market, Bitcoin opened up a whole new customer base. With music consumption going through the roof and Bitcoin use also going to the moon, the comibnation of the two can only mean one thing. More money and more business for one of the biggest rappers in the game.

The picture posted by 50Cent on Instagram

The picture posted by 50Cent on Instagram

You may be familiar with Coinye. The coin dedicated to Kanye West didnt receive much appreciation from him. Sued to eternity and back by Kanye West the currency eventually was killed off displaying how the Rap game may not have been suited to cryptocurrency. However the recent advances made by Bitcoin suggests all industries may be accepting and tolerating of Bitcoin even creative industries. Coinye may have died but the legacy lives on with rappers such as 50Cent and Snoop Dog showing the game is changing for the better.


To conclude Bitcoin and music are coming closer and closer. Whilst technology may be one of Bitcoins strongest points, the innovation in mining and security may be unmatched by any other sector, dabbing in other industries has seen only benefits for the currency. More exposure and adoption by many different companies and individuals has been one of the strongest points of the currency this year.Whilst the price may not be faring too well celebrity sponshorship may be one gamchanging event as its not everyday a coin is endorsed by an individual worth more than $100 million. Leave any comments and views on the story above in the comments section below.

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