5 Things That can go Wrong While Immersed in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in all of technology right now. With VR is becoming more accessible to consumers all over the world, it is only normal the number of  “accidents” will continue to increase as well. In fact, there have been quite a few injuries as a result of experiencing virtual reality already. Thankfully, none of these accidents are life-threatening even though they aren’t fun by any means either.

5. Pranks Can Go Horribly Wrong

The prank below shows an immersed user wearing a VR headset in a rollercoaster simulation. Right as the player is about to drop at the top of the track, the prankster gives him a push to trick his brain into thinking he is actually going to fall down. This sends the victim into a panic mode where he is both dropping in the rollercoaster and is on the ground kicking his feet, what ensues is hilarious:

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Another prank conducted by Job Simulator designer Alex Schwartz caused one of his coworkers to flip out. While Schwarz was live editing the game as it was being played, he let a knife levitate in the VR environment and moved it toward the player. Considering how immersive VR can be, seeing floating sharp objects aim for your face is quite troublesome. Thankfully, the player did not get injured while trying to dodge the knife, but things could have gotten out of hand quite quickly.

4. Walking Into Walls

One of the more pressing dangers associated with putting on a VR headset is the risk of running into objects. Not just coffee tables or couches, but some people have allegedly run into a wall while using the headset. Thankfully, most of these headsets have patched this issue by displaying transparent walls over game surfaces when the user comes near a wall in their home.

3. Smashing Controllers

Although a smashed controller will not necessarily inflict physical damage on the user, it could cause some unwanted side effects. Earlier versions of VR environment did not tell the user where ceilings are in the real world. In some cases, users literally hit the ceiling with their controller and fingers. Most of the damage is done to the controllers in question, yet it can create some very dangerous experiences along the way.

2. Accidental Brawls

Two Tilt Brush designers have had a rather unpleasant experience while experiencing the virtual reality environment. Since their desks are close to each other, both gentlemen punched each other n the face inadvertently while working on Tilt Brush. No one was injured in the process, but things could turn into an all-out brawl rather quickly. Especially when there is furniture around, things can get physical very fast.

1. Losing Track Of Where You Are

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It is only a matter of time until someone gets seriously injured while wearing a VR headset. Justin Liebregts, a game designer, noticed one of his team members teetering on the balcony on the 18th floor of the building. During an in-game test of the company’s shooter game – which does not cause any falling emotion despite jumping off a pillar – the player got so immersed he completely forgot where he was.

Albeit this was done in a somewhat controlled environment, it goes to show things can get very dangerous if people stop paying attention. Walking out on the balcony and not expecting to fall down when going over the edge is a rather troublesome mindset after all. Then again, once one spends hours in a VR environment, it becomes more difficult to distinguish between reality and a fictitious environment.

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