5 Huge Problems No One Told You About The Internet

Even though internet usage has soared over the past few years, this technological invention is not all rosy either. Quite a few issues related to the Internet have popped up in recent years. The average consumer may not have taken notice of these threats, although some people wish they’d known about these issues sooner.

#5 Online Relationships

The internet connects everyone to the rest of the world, which is both a blessing and a curse. One positive outcome is how people are able to forge online relationships, and even trust other people after a while. Unfortunately, it appears our online relationships far outweigh “proper” social interaction these days. To make matters worse, a lot of people are unable to function without being touched with their online relationships these days. With the right guidance and education when the Internet started gaining traction, a lot of these problems could have been prevented.

#4 Online Trust Is A No-go

Contrary to popular belief, trusting anonymous individualsĀ on the internet is an absolute no-go. One should never trust other people, or companies without an online presence. People who give away their trust easily in an online environment will be taken advantage of. Moreover, one should not entrust enterprises with sensitive information either as they aren’t always taking the necessary precautions to prevent data theft. Once your information is widely available, people will look to take advantage of you. Once again, this problem is a direct result of not taking the necessary steps to educate about Internet usage.

#3 Cyber Bullying is Very Real

cyber bullying

Over the past few years, the media has paid minor attention to the cyber bullying threat. Most consumers aren’t even aware this is a real thing, until they are confronted by it. The internet can be a very hostile and sometimes toxic environment. Moreover, it allows people to remain anonymous while making others’ life a living hell. This issue does not only affect teens either, mind you.

Spiteful people can attack anyone in the world, which poses a very serious problem. In some cases, prolonged periods of cyber bullying will result in suicides or mass killings. It is of the utmost importance people are informed about cyber bullying before they seek to gain access to the internet. Not all bad things will happen to everyone, but one needs to be aware of what is lurking in the shadows.

#2 There Is No Privacy

Contrary to what a lot of Internet users assume this very day, there is no such thing as privacy when using the Internet. Never assume your information is kept confidential. Internet service providers are always recording user activity, Employers are even using social media profiles to perform background check so new employees, regardless of their consent. No one tells you when using the Internet for the first time, yet everyone has to be aware of it.

#1 Education And Correct Information

Even though one could literally “find everything” on the internet, it may not necessarily be the best educational tool. Not all information found online is reliable, and certain facts may be omitted by the person who shared the information in the first place. False news, misleading statistics, and incomplete assessments are far more common that one would like. Always be wary of information one encounters, as it may not tell the entire story.

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