4 Macintosh Applications to Track Cryptocurrency Prices

Macintosh users have a bit of a difficult time to keep track of all cryptocurrency movements. They can open a browser window just like anyone else, but using an app to keep tabs on different currencies and price movements has been always a more pleasant experience. Luckily, there are quite a few applications at their disposal. The following Macintosh apps are well worth checking out for any cryptocurrency enthusiast who also uses Apple products.

4. Bitcoin Ticker

Not all cryptocurrency-related applications have to have a difficult name. Bitcoin Ticker does exactly what the name suggests. It allows users to check the Bitcoin price across many different exchanges. Even though the app has not been updated since 2014, it is still available in the App Store today. It has some basic functionality which can be useful for novice users who want Bitcoin information on their Macintosh device.

3. Coinage

The similarities between Coinage and Bitcoin Ticker are not hard to find, even though Coinage supports a few additional exchanges. Unfortunately, this app saw its last update in 2015. However, it still is a valid way to track Bitcoin and other altcoin price movements across different exchanges. It also has support for Dark Mode, which is something some users will appreciate.

2. Coin Tick

Cryptocurrency price tickers on Macintosh seemingly get abandoned by their developers fairly quickly. Coin Tick is a different creature in this regard, as it was last updated in May of 2017. The application allows users to track their preferred cryptocurrencies and have relevant information displayed on their Mac menu bar.

The application is also getting some decent reviews on iTunes. Both novice and experienced traders are quite pleased with what this free application has to offer. It is a simple application which does the job well. Professional traders may be on the lookout for something more advanced, but the last entry in this list will most likely suit their needs.

1. Trade Interceptor

When looking for some advanced tools to track and chart cryptocurrencies, Trade Interceptor is certainly worth checking out. For a free application, it has a lot of features. Although Trade Interceptor initially started out as a forex trader app, it has grown into so much more. Common Bitcoin exchanges are supported, and users gain access to in-depth information once they sign up for an account.

Luckily, this app still receives regular updates, with the latest one taking place at the end of June 2017. It is good to see forex trading tools pay attention to cryptocurrency markets as well. These two worlds are not mutually exclusive by any means, as they are both integral part of professional traders’ portfolios. Moreover, both industries use similar tools for technical analysis, thus bridging the gap between the two sectors makes a lot of sense.