4 Ethereum Classic ICOs You Didn’t Know Existed

With so many cryptocurrency ICOs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, people would tend to forget it is not the only way to organize a crowdsale. In fact, there have been several ICOs on the Ethereum Classic blockchain as well. There are plenty of reasons to choose ETC over ETH. Classic is immutable and has lower contract costs, for example. Below are four Ethereum Classic ICOs people should be aware of.

4. Postalgia

This particular cryptocurrency ICO is still ongoing, and it is an interesting project. The team provides users with a mobile application, which allows them to use their own photos and have them printed. Once the order is completed, the photo print will be prepared and ship to your doorstep as quickly as possible. It may not be the most revolutionary project to some people, but it is an interesting project to keep an eye on. Purchasing photo prints can only be done with Bitcoin, ETC, or the POSTA token created during this ICO.

3. Dexaran’s ICO

It is interesting to see the Ethereum Classic community members host their own ICO to advance the development of this ecosystem. This is where the Dexaran ICO comes into the picture. As a valued community member and volunteer developer for ETC, Dexaran has built up a good reputation. However, he also disagrees with the future development of Ethereum Classic, and want to raise money to take things to the next level.

Dexaran aims to raise money to improve the Ethereum Classic infrastructure, maintain compatibility with Ethereum, and introduce important portal upgrades. Plus, there is a plan in place to finalize a decentralized token exchange as well. Investors in this particular ICO will receive DEX tokens, which are used to vote on development proposals come September 2018.

2. Corion

The Corion project is worth noticing. The team aims to decentralize the current financial system by basing it on blockchain technology. They want to introduce a stable price for the native token against the US Dollar. It also provides a “Bonus Coin” incentive, which grants users daily gains of up to 2.5%. The goal is to bring both businesses and individuals on board to build a worldwide decentralized network and a stable means of payment. It is a very ambitious goal.

1. ETCWin

Perhaps the most important ICO on the Ethereum Classic network is ETCWin. This project was announced a while ago, and the team eventually raised $1.3m when everything was said and done. Building a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange focused on Ethereum Classic will not be an easy feat, although the successful ICO should help the project attempt to reach this goal.

The team behind ETCWin are the same people who run the 91Pool, which is one of the largest Ethereum Classic mining pools. Owners of the WIN tokens will receive voting rights and profits rights in the exchange itself. It appears this exchange platform should go live sooner or later, but we did not find an official launch date at the time of writing.