3Commas brings Smart Trading tools and Custom Portfolios to Crypto Traders

3commas.io is a cryptocurrency tool that allows for Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Profit Take. It allows traders to make the best on a trade without worrying about volatile traders ruining their experience. Custom portfolios are also available for analyzation and investment.

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3commas connects to your exchange’s API so that it only has access to that exchange’s trading information and not withdrawal information. Right now, 3commas is compatible with Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bitfinex exchanges. 3commas encourages smart trading which is the implementation of Trailing Stop Loss or Trailing Take Profits simultaneously or apart from each other.

Trailing Stop Loss is when you set a percentage stop loss on a coin amount so that when it stops climbing you are able to reap the maximum profits. For instance, you set a Trailing Stop Loss on Bitcoin at 10% on 1 BTC. Your Bitcoin would sell if it went down 10%. However if it went up to 15%, then the stop loss would take effect at 5% gain.

Trailing Take Profit happens when a trader wants to sell at the highest part of a trend. It sells at a percentage from its highest value. Let’s say you bought one EOS at $4, and you want to catch a peak from the day’s trading. You can set a trailing take profit of 10%. If it goes up to $11 and drops past 10% of that figure, your profit will be $9.90.

3commas also has a unique user based option for custom portfolios. Users build portfolios based on tokens and coins that they think will make a growing portfolio by using the ”Analyze New Portfolio“ option. These portfolios are publishable to a list of other portfolios that are composed of other ratios of coins.

Other users may choose to analyze or add these portfolios at will by clicking “Apply”. By joining the portfolio, you allocate an amount of your funds into the portfolio’s ratio. Traders can think of these portfolios as a type of ETF or fund. You may sell the fund, but not on a coin by coin basis.

3commas is currently developing more features for traders to use on their respective exchanges, and creating apps for iOS and desktop trades as well.