3 Things To Do in The Sandbox Metaverse Right Now

Since our review of The Sandbox’s Alpha that launched on November 29th, several experiences opened up, allowing players to check out some of what Sandbox’s Metaverse has to offer. This article explores three things you can currently do in The Sandbox. No Alpha pass is required.

Dungeon of Dum-Yz

This experience is open to anyone and can be accessed via the Hub. Once you teleport to the Dungeon via the portal, you are greeted by an NPC. The NPC provides you with a sword that can be used to slay monsters. You must equip your sword by navigating to your inventory before using it.

dugeon the sandbox

Once you equip the sword, talk to the Metaverse Guide to start the Alpha quest. After talking to the guide, a point of interest will show up on your map. Navigate to the marker on your map to complete the quest.

The Dungeon’s main feature is a parkour course and logic challenges that are relatively easy to complete. Make sure to collect the chest at the end of the second challenge that rewards you with a bronze breastplate, giving you defense points to your character.

Overall, Dungeon of Dum-Yz showcases The Sandbox’s game mechanics, such as fighting and movement. The RPG aspect of the game is unparallel to other Metaverse projects, and I recommend checking it out.

The NFT Institute

The NFT Institute is a state-of-the-art NFT museum located in a beautiful building with glass ceilings.

Once you teleport to the museum, speak to the Metaverse guide to start your Alpha quest. Navigate to the three interest points on your map to complete the quest.

nft institute

There are various awesome NFT collections in the museum that everyone should check out. My favorite part about the museum has got to be Snoop Dogg’s stage, located on the bottom level. The stage features NFT-themed songs by the one and only Snoop Dogg!

Club XYZ

Club XYZ is a virtual nightclub including the main stage featuring Deadmaus and a bottom level with a bar.

When you teleport to Club XYZ, speak to the Metaverse guide to start your alpha quest. Navigate to the four interest points on your map to complete the quest.

club xyz the sandbox

I spent a good 20 minutes in the club just dancing and chatting with people. The community seemed extraordinarily nice and helpful. Also, the music was relaxing, and the futuristic design makes this one of my personal favorite experiences.


The Sandbox provides a smooth and entertaining Metaverse. The fact that it’s a desktop application opens up a host of possibilities, and it looks like The Sandbox is taking advantage of them.

With a highly positive community and great application, everyone should check out The Sandbox alpha, even if you don’t have an Alpha pass.

If you’re still looking for an Alpha pass, the best way is to check out their Twitter and participate in The Sandbox’s daily alpha pass giveaway.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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