20,000+ Registered User in 4 Days, New Crypto Game Ether Online is Coming

During recent history, the influence of digital currency has quickly made its presence known in the gaming industry, with numerous games offering crypto-themed games, or accepting it as a means of payment.

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Ether Online is a multiplayer online game, featuring PvE, PvP, world boss fights, and over 500 types of unique equipment for players to find, use, wear, purchase and sell.  At this moment in time, it is expected that Ether Online will be built upon 6 pillars, these being equipment, craft, trading, PvP, PvE, and world boss fights.

To kick things off, equipment can be purchased via ETH and the afferent token, and written directly in smart contracts. This feature allows users to easily sell the items to other players. Equipment is divided into several levels, these being common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. When it comes down to the craft feature, players can choose to craft three similar pieces of equipment into the next level of rarity.

Ether Online’s marketplace has been built in order to allow players to purchase or sell any equipment of pets, in exchange for Ether. Users can change their selling price, or remove the goods from the marketplace at any time.

In an effort the make Ether Online appeal to more people, the developers have also introduced Player vs. Player. Here, users are ranked based on their battle power, which is determined considering the strength of the equipment they are wearing. Players can challenge one another depending on their battle power, and win points after defeating their counterpart. Those who are ranked high on the points leaderboard will receive ETH reward.

Last but not least, Ether Online also offers a PvE section, where the world map is available. Users, who join it, will be able to battle various monsters, in exchange for rewards. The World Boss will appear at a pre-set moment on a daily basis, and encourage numerous players to attempt defeating it, in exchange for gem chests. The higher the damage given, the bigger the reward.

At this time, Ether Online is raising capital for the game, and anyone can contribute. Those who participate in the pets presales will be given the unique opportunity to purchase pets that will no longer be available for other players. Pets can grant players big boosts, but can be also sold for higher prices, depending on how their value grows. Granted they are limited edition pets, chances are that value growth will be radical. Also, you can now invite friends to the game for chests, each worth 0.02 ETH.  

Official Site: https://ether.online

Telegram: https://t.me/etheronline

Discord: https://discord.gg/mYJ2kKc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EtherOnline