2 Out Of The Box ICO’s That Will Surge in 2018

As we approach and pass the halfway point of 2018 a look back shows a year that unfolded differently than many had anticipated. ICO’s and several top Cryptocurrencies are under the spotlight of regulators and central banks and the whole world is trying to figure out how Cryptocurrency will fit into finance and technology in today’s global economy. By the time we passed March the ¼ mark of the calendar year the count on ICO’s already reached and began surpassing 50% of the total of number of ICO’s in 2017. A lot of these projects looking like cheap replicants of projects past or extravagant perhaps unachievable propositions doomed to be marked as vaporware when no major progress takes hold according to the typical ICO project timelines you can usually find nestled into a well crafted shiny website ending in “IO.” Everyone’s “sharding” but how many will be successful, and even if many are, how many of those will gain heavy adoption realistically? Another hot topic ICO is Real Estate of which the typical Real Estate project one may find shilled on their favorite forums first or second page daily is really nothing more than. Low interest, no equity vesting Wall Street REIT packaged as a coin or token and stamped with the term “Blockchain”  as if somehow that makes it a more credible investment. Next we have the big player ICO’s which are nearly impossible for average people to invest in now. What was once a decentralized studio of creation is now beginning to look like a typical Silicon Valley exclusive VC only investment vehicle with huge minimum purchases and invitation only whitelists. This is a far cry from how we thought ICO’s May continue to grow back in the day of Ethereums ICO when anyone could buy a piece of the technology via its token for under a dollar back then. We thought we’d take a minute and give a shout out and spread the word a bit about 2 projects that are simple and attainable, unique and available to people at no minimum purchase amount.

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One of the most interesting projects in terms of possible ROI versus complexity, is Optitoken, which has just recently come into the spotlight. It is the first ever actual hyper-deflationary currency, whose value is supported by an automated portfolio that uses professional trading techniques, AI and machine learning. The portfolio will be bought with funds from their ICO, giving it serious value early on.

The gains made by the algorithmic trading will be used in part to buy back their own tokens on exchanges, creating constant upward price pressure and nurturing a market that has very strong buy support this is the function that seeks to massively drive the currencies value upwards continually. The rest of profits from buy cycles is reinvested to grow the initial holdings. OptiToken Interestingly also solves a common problem of new ICO’s, that can’t find any volume early on and have serious long term trouble with market making from the very start. You can participate quite easily through their website here at OptiToken.io It’s not open to US or China investors. The project does have KYC and was one of the first approved companies to utilize CivicApps ICO KYC BETA service.

The second project we want to plug is Chronicled. One of the few things that experts can completely agree on in crypto is that one of the next disrupted industries will be supply chain management. Blockchain technology is simply perfectly fit for tracking and managing, in a secure transparent way.

Until now, projects like Wanchain or Wabi, have taken a lead in the space and are building their own solutions, however, none of them have focused on the secure exchange of physical assets. This first mover status makes Chronicled a very appealing investment. It will be the first company to use artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain to create smart supply chains. All of this working with innovative identity solution, data management and smart contract automation.
Very interestingly, Chronicled is blockchain agnostic and can currently plug-into several blockchains, making it very flexible for a future industry that might look a lot different than today.
Chronicled is open for qualified investors only via BnkToTheFuture. If they reach their lofty goal of creating the most trusted, largest IoT and supply chain ecosystems, getting in on the ICO could be incredibly profitable.