10 Tips for Getting Blockchain Companies Featured in the Media

Blockchain is all the rage these days with new innovations being introduced seemingly every day. At the same time, the industry is not entirely mainstream and the result of this is that it is harder to garner press for blockchain companies in mainstream media. A lot of the publications and the public themselves lack and understanding of the workings of blockchain and this can prove to be a challenge for anyone trying to promote a blockchain company. It is not an impossibility, however, as there are a number of ways to achieve this, some of which are as follows: 

  1. Linking products and services to current events: Most mainstream media outlets cover news and current events and in the age of COVID-19, there is always the desire to break the next story or cover an angle that can spark outrage or a passionate response from audiences. If you want to get your blockchain company featured in media, make sure to link your product or service to a current event. For example, if the blockchain product you are presenting can aid the tracking of the origins of products, it can be framed as ‘New blockchain product can track COVID-infected items to source’. This can spark an interest in the capabilities of your business and attract media platforms if handled correctly. 
  2. Offering blockchain as a solution: One of the reasons why blockchain is becoming as popular as it is these days is because it is often framed as an amazing new technology that can solve virtually all problems. While the reality is far more complex, the capabilities of the technology are still being explored. Still, it would be wise to lean into this angle in order to secure more publicity for a blockchain business. Simply find a way by which it can be linked to a common problem and frame it as a solution. For example, the use of blockchain as a voting platform has been presented as a potential solution to the problem of electoral fraud. Find such an angle for your business and present it as such to media outlets. 
  3. Getting reviewed by popular platforms: Product reviews are still a popular form of content, particularly with tech publications and if you are looking to drum up popularity for a blockchain company, this would be a good way to do so. Reach out to media publications, especially those that are tech-focused, and offer a free sample of your product or demonstration of your service. Not all will be interested but those who are might be willing to feature your business and if the content is popular enough, this can lead to other opportunities. 
  4. Creating viral content: These days, it seems everyone, both individuals and companies, is trying to go viral. Whether it be with video, written, or visual content, it is more important than ever for companies to continuously capture the attention of the public and hopefully put out something that will gain massive attention. This attention usually includes features from mainstream publications as they seek to also capitalize on the coverage in question. As such, blockchain companies should be consistently putting out engaging and valuable content and this might be the thing that brings them the publicity they need. 
  5. Leveraging influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of advertising these days, and for good reason. Influencers offer access to audiences that often number in the millions and usually have relationships with media outlets. Should prominent influencers begin promoting a blockchain company’s products, it will spark curiosity not only among their followers who may become customers, but also among media publications who may then decide to cover it. Should you opt for this method, make sure that you conduct your research and reach out to the influencers who have the best track record. 
  6. Using platforms like getonforbes.com: Instead of hiring a traditional PR agency, which is often expensive and connected to a long term commitment with upfront retainers, you can also work with PR platforms like getonforbes.com. This company helps you to get featured on the world’s greatest business media, Forbes. However, instead of asking for a hefty fee and prepayment, platforms like getonforbes are specialized on certain publications and thus require no long-term commitment, and charge you only for the successful completion of your order – no more, no less. 
  1. Partnering with established companies: Blockchain business might often have a hard time scoring features with mainstream publications but established companies might not. One creative way to get this attention is to partner with an established firm that will be easier to sell as a story to a publication. ‘Google-partnered company XYZ Blockchain’ is more likely to get a national feature than XYZ Blockchain which is relatively unknown. 
  2. Building relationships with journalists and publications: This method takes much longer than others but can be very beneficial in the long-term. This involves deliberately fostering a relationship either with a news publication or a specific journalist who works for them. Your blockchain business can sponsor their events, give exclusive press access with new product launches, and send product samples over a period of time. This way, you are much more likely to gain features now and in the future. 
  3. Giving commentary: Media publications feature commentary on current affairs almost as much as they do the events themselves. To score some media features, have executives and prominent individuals at your company consistently give commentary on events and developments both within your industry and in the world at large. Should the commentary be published with the company name attached, it drums up more publicity for your firm. 
  4. Publicity stunts: Publicity stunts are one of the oldest PR strategies in existence but have endured for a reason. There are many creative things that a PR firm could do to raise awareness for a company and get featured on media platforms. The Lightning Network, for example, got substantial attention after the Lightning Network challenge which saw people across Twitter send a single Satoshi to another user and then pass on the challenge. 

Getting media coverage for a blockchain firm might not be the easiest possible task but it can be done. Consider some of the methods above to get the best possible results.